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There was a song by I Fight Dragons called ‘The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth’, and in 2015 there is absolutely no denying that statement. We have moved in to an age where we are no longer the underdogs. We control the market. We are here, we love what we love, and we are loud about it.

That brings us to where you are now. For those who got unbelievably lost in cyberspace and somehow stumbled here in to our atmosphere, that’s The Geekly Planet. We love a lot of things, many geeky, some not. Our writers have many things to say, and they (we) genuinely hope to entertain you with those things.

Does the over use of the word ‘things’ in that last paragraph give you a ton of hope? Good!

This inaugural post isn’t to tell you about our geek cred, though. It serves two purposes – we want you to know what we’re about, and we want you to know about the amazing people that helped us get here.

Let’s start off with the most important part, shall we? Llamas. No! Crap! Those awesome people. That’s why we’re here, or at least this section of the post!

While it doesn’t look like much now, a lot went in to this website, and the fact of the matter is, Amelia (founder, editor lady who is currently writing this ramble accosting your eyeballs) has no business running a website.   She knows enough about enough things to make herself dangerous, but website and code? Those aren’t things in that list.

The Geekly Planet is here because of a lot of encouragement from several folks, and a lot of help from several others. Excuse us for going all list format in the middle of this, but we’re sentimental. – These folks showed Amelia that complete strangers on the internet cared what she had to say about things she was passionate about. They gave her her start, and they were nothing but kind when she moved off to create the website you’re clicking around on now.

Laura DeGlopper – We have an awesome logo. We love it. It fills our hearts with pride every time we see it, cause it’s ours, and we represent what we want to bring to you, and that logo was designed and made perfect by the incomparable Laura. Not only did she make that amazing logo, she dealt with Amelia’s constant changes and indecisiveness. We might be a little biased, BUT LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS! Her website is, go check her out!

Amy Marie – Podcaster, coffee enthusiast, unabashed geek girl, and someone who was supportive and kind through moments of doubt. None of the members of TGP have met Amy in person, at the time she hardly knew any of us, and she didn’t have to show the support she did. Give her a follow over on twitter at @Amy_Marie97

Catherine Grace – You remember up there where we talked about the fact that Amelia has no business trying to run her own website? This woman is a savior. She’ll tell you that her contribution was little, and when you know what you’re doing maybe it was, but her help and advice has been utterly invaluable throughout this process. She writes and podcasts over at TOG as well! Check her out at @imcatherinegm on Twitter!

Our Contributors – The group of people writing for the website is currently a select few, with hopes to grow in the future. This small group, however, have each been constantly offering input on what they’d like to see, opinions through the grueling process of getting the website what it looks like today, and keeping Amelia from hyperventilating when she was stressed.

Our Fans – Somehow, we’ve managed to accrue a small following on facebook, even though we’ve had nothing to offer other than a couple posts a week with geeky pictures or updates. The interaction that you wonderful folks have given us thus far have been a fueling force in keeping us going. To paraphrase Dean Winchester, there ain’t no us if there ain’t no you!

Now then, that’s enough of that fluffy stuff! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The brass tacks. The… I’ve run out of clichés.

We want to give you the best in geek media. For now, it will just be in the form of the written word, along with shots of events we report from. Reviews, updates, opinion pieces, fluff, grit, social issues, current events, and much more as we continue to gain steam. Is that broad? Absolutely. We want to get our readers a wide variety of topics from all areas of geekdom.

If you have any questions, or anything you want to see, please drop us a line on our facebook or our twitter and we’d love to see what we can do to make it happen.

This weekend is Denver Comic Con, look for panel shots, cosplay updates, and tweets from our contributors as we run amok with the rest of our people at the convention!


Amelia Emberwing

Amelia loved many great things as a kid, but Harry Potter and Batman were what really brought her in to the world of fandom. Her tastes are eclectic and she firmly believes that one doesn't have to choose between Marvel and DC or Star Wars and Star Trek. Charities and well developed, strong female characters are the way to her heart, and she survives on a steady IV of caffeine, rants, pixie dust and fangirling.

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