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If you’re in or around the Northern Colorado area, there’s been a buzz about a new up and coming geek bar in Fort Collins.  After a rousing success with their kickstarter campaign, Dungeons and Drafts was born.

By donating at a certain level on said kickstarter, you were invited to the tavern’s VIP Party.  Well, obviously this was too cool to pass up, so myself and a friend of the Planet donated at the higher level so we could check out what it was all about.


The moment you walk through Dungeon and Draft’s front doors, you’re greeted by the tavern feel.  Stone walls, wooden beams, solid tables, and of course, a very well stocked bar with rows of goblets and tankards.  If you look directly to your right when you walk in, you’ll see large shelves piled to the brim with all varieties of games.  Even the bathrooms have their own tavern-y feel to them!

You can check out pictures here:  Dungeons and Draft’s Facebook

On top of their geek-y decor, they also had a wonderful band playing for the evening.  The Stubby Shillelaghs are both talented, and genre relevant to Dungeons and Drafts.  Not only do they have a Celtic feel to their music, but delightfully nerdy lyrics!  To get a taste, you can check them out here:  The Stubby Shillelaghs


I’m going to avoid sharing the items that we ate at our experience there, because I’m not 100% sure what their regular menu will look like.  I will tell you that everything we put in our mouths was amazing.  There was an appetizer with jam on the cheese that I wasn’t all about, but the jam came right off and the cheese was delicious! My friend enjoyed her meal, and I can say that the meat that was with my entree was so tender I could cut it with my fork.

Not only were all four courses delicious, they got out to us quickly!  Everything was hot, tasty, and well worth the trek to the tavern.

Dungeons and Drafts also ensured that they had options for folks with gluten allergies, vegetarians, and vegans!


In my mind, this is the most important aspect of anywhere I visit.  One rude staff member can tarnish my opinion of any establishment, especially if it is my first visit.

This was the furthest from a problem at Dungeons and Drafts.

Our server was funny, charming, kind, and attentive.  We were checked on every 10-15 minutes to ensure no refills were needed and to see if we were ready for our next course.

On top of our server take fantastic care of us, the owners were also going around to tables to meet up with people.   Please bear in mind that this was during what is typically an incredibly hectic process.  Openings are not easy.  Something almost always goes wrong, and owners are usually pulled in every which way trying to make sure everything’s happy and all fires are put out.

If Dungeons and Drafts had said crazy experience during their VIP party, it was unbeknownst to us as guests, and stopping by to say hello made a wonderful impression.


Suffice to say, I am excited to head back, and definitely recommend it to all of our fellow geeks reading this post.  We had a delightful experience, and I think if you’re not planning on attending their grand opening event this weekend, you should change your plans!  Go play some games, eat some delicious food, and enjoy the ambiance of an exciting new bar in Fort Collins!

Details for Grand Opening: Dungeons and Draft’s Grand Opening Event

*Disclaimer: I am not employed by Dungeons and Drafts, nor am I related to any employee of the establishment.  I’m not personal friends with anyone involved.  I was not paid to write this Dungeons and Drafts Review.  Blah, blah, blah legal stuff blah. 

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