Geek Rant: Shippers Gonna Ship


Welcome to the very first edition of GEEK RANT! I’m going to try and do this weekly (bi-weekly? Haven’t decided, congrats you’re now a crash test dummy). Shouldn’t be too bad. Let’s find out together, shall we? Good!

We will talk about all sorts of things in these sessions. Really whatever I find relevant for that time frame, or if you have a suggestion you can shoot it my way and we will see if it grinds my gears enough for me to blather on about it for a reasonable amount of page space!

If you couldn’t tell from the title, today we are here to talk about ‘shipping’. First things first, this is not a rant against shipping itself. Ship away, little sea captains. No. This is about that jerk who thinks that just because they feel differently than you about a FICTITIOUS relationship in a make believe story world justifies them to be a, as aforementioned, jerk.

For quick clarification, for those of you who are reading this going ‘what the actual crap is shipping?!’ It’s essentially when you want two characters of a story to be in a relationship. Relationship. Ship. GET IT?! Awesome. Now that we’ve got that covered let’s move on.

HEAR ME GEEKS! Don’t. Be. That. Person.

Don’t be the BUTTFACE (yeah, caps buttface, ya feel me?!) who ruins someone else’s day because you don’t think their feelings are valid because they share a different opinion than yours. Being a geek means we love things, deeply. So much that all the details matter. When you love something like that you get passionate and when you’re passionate you get strong opinions.

It’s great that you have those strong opinions! Have those opinions, share those opinions, discuss them, defend them, but for the love of Yoda LISTEN TO THE OTHER PERSON! Have a discussion, not a bash session where you explain to them for 40 minutes why they’re wrong.

-ERMAGERD YOU SHIP SNOWBARRY?! That’s so off canon how dare you!
-Superman and Lois Lane are the most idiotic couple ever, it’s so obvi he needs to be with Wonder Woman. Anyone who can’t see that clearly isn’t a fan.
**extra douchiness added for your reading pleasure.
***’obvi’ physically hurt me to type. Someone hold me.

Because the geek community has grown so rampantly over the past decade the mentality has shifted from us against the world to us against us. Stop judging how people nerd! Stupid infighting over stupid subjects has grown in to a toxic epidemic within the geek community.

So I repeat: Don’t be that person. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘this isn’t a problem’ congrats, you either live in a bubble off of social media where no trolls can find you and you have great friends, or YOU’RE THAT PERSON!

At the end of the day, it boils down to just be a decent human being. Be a decent human being or that green unicorn you told couldn’t be with the purple unicorn because they are different is going to find you and stab you with its horn, YA FEEL ME?!

Ship on shippers!


Amelia Emberwing

Amelia loved many great things as a kid, but Harry Potter and Batman were what really brought her in to the world of fandom. Her tastes are eclectic and she firmly believes that one doesn't have to choose between Marvel and DC or Star Wars and Star Trek. Charities and well developed, strong female characters are the way to her heart, and she survives on a steady IV of caffeine, rants, pixie dust and fangirling.

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