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Just a couple months ago, NASA got a beautiful view of the planet(!!) Pluto, and it’s moons and cartoon shadows. As if that was not enough, NASA announced the discovery of planets much like Earth, also known as Class M Planets to the Vulcans. Thank you Mr. Spock. This means, that there is the potential for humans to go out into the cosmos and colonize other worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go somewhere that will take us decades, if not centuries to reach with our current technology. Hmm. That actually doesn’t sound all that promising. But it IS!

Recently NASA has been working on the fabled warp drive technology or hyper drive technology called the NASA EM Drive (though NASA denies this). If they were doing this in secret, it means that if we’re given the right materials and some technology we haven’t even invented yet, we too may be able to do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. What it really means, is that astronauts will have the means to travel through space faster than was ever imagined, reaching planets that would normally take decades, in mere days or even hours. There is so much potential for a possible warp drive, that to not continue to pursue the technology would only be a detriment to the human race.

With the idea of colonizing other planets in mind, a company has already begun the Mars One project, which will have humans flying out on a one way trip to Mars and colonizing the planet. This would potentially put a station on Mars for humans to cultivate life and continue our pursuit to travel outside our solar system. Sadly, this won’t happen until 2027, but people who were selected for the project are currently preparing themselves, being tested, and training for the mission ahead. This may be the future of the human race, as we work to populate the galaxy with our kind. Because, what alien doesn’t want to be friends with a human?

As man continues to scan the universe for new livable planets, that in turn means that scientists are also looking for those aliens who want to hang out with humans. Mulder would like to believe that extra terrestrial life is out there, because someone had to have taken his sister, but there’s another theory running around there that’s not so hopeful. Some scientists think that human’s are alone in the universe and that the evolution into humans is a one time only deal, and no other species was able to make the transition. It is a very disappointing proposition to think that we may never have an ALF to eat our cats, or a Luke Skywalker to save the Rebellion, and that we are truly the only planet with intelligent life.

Enough of the depressing stuff, and onto the fact that NASA has found other planets humans can live on, and it is something that we need. Throughout the centuries, and even just the last one alone, human beings have learned so much about technology, our environment, and what we need to do to sustain life. Earth may be a trial run for our species and we may yet be able to make amazing utopias on planets untouched by human hands. With the damage we’ve done to our current terra firma, we may have to call a mulligan and try our luck on a tabula rasa type planet.

What’s disappointing is that, we’re only just discovering these inhabitable planets. For years, sci-fi books and movies have foretold of space travel, and even having bases on the moon and Mars. I realize it was a promise from the brains of fiction writers, but it does seem a little strange that we haven’t gotten there yet. Especially with some of the best minds in the world saying that we’re going to have to get off this rock at some point soon.

Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist and Zane Malik apologist, predicts that humans won’t be able to last another millennia on earth. He believes that we need to colonize other planets in order to survive as a species, and I happen to agree. With climate change, natural disasters, and dwindling resources, the Earth is having a hard time keeping up with humans. There are just too many of us, and we’re only growing in number. We reproduce like rabbits, and apparently rabbits also reproduce like rabbits…

It may not be in our lifetimes, but its comforting to know that our children’s, children’s, children’s, children, may one day take a spaceship and fly amongst the stars and reach Kepler 452b. To see the sites and sounds of that alien planet, and visit Disney planet Kepler and get a meteor Pluto hot dog, or an asteroid Mickey milkshake. The planet Kepler, brought to you by Disney Resorts & Space Spa. Sorry, the thought of corporate sponsored planets is a bit saddening so, I will leave you with this high note. A soprano singing A5. You’re welcome.





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