Supernatural 11.01 “Out of the Darkness Into the Fire” Review

When you’ve been on the air for 11 seasons, it’s easy for things to get stale with your show. Despite what some of the harsher critics have to say, Supernatural still has a story to tell.

We left Sam and Dean last season with a dead Death, a killer Cas, a stuck Crowley, and Darkness rushing quickly at the boys. Fast forward to the opening of 11, and we were pretty much exactly where we left off. The start of the episode was a bit wonky, but I think their goal was to make us feel as disoriented as Sam and Dean. Not my favorite choice, but it didn’t last too terribly long.

Amidst the confusion we discover that the Darkness is a woman, and that she believes she and Dean are connected. Since he’s just shed the mark, that may not be far from true, but we’ll see how the season progresses with back to full human Dean.

There’s no name for the crazies that the Darkness creates, but I’m gonna go with ‘Darkness Zombies’. Darkness Zombies that move quickly, are strong, and blood hungry.   Thankfully they have a shelf life. Or at least it would be ‘thankfully’ if dear old Sammy hadn’t gotten a mouth full of blood.

Ironically, he had just gotten done saying that the boys have to stop making the same mistakes. This is true, and something that had given me some real hope about the progression of this season. However, that was quickly dashed by him immediately turning around and lying to Dean.   That aside, it would be more unbelievable if they both instantly turned over a new leaf.

While Sam’s holed up in a supply closet thinking about his mortality, Dean’s one town over with the rookie cop and the baby. It’s nice to see another woman join the bunch, hopefully this one will survive more than a few episodes.

Cas made the absurd move of praying to his brothers and sisters instead of asking his actual family for help. Hannah’s a no show, but two jerk angels show up to ‘take him home’ and by that we mean they’re taking him to presumably be tortured. We’ll see how that goes since we’re still not exactly sure what’s wrong with Castiel.

Moving on to Crowley and the weird progression of that whole situation. Not that it was out of character. Crowley would absolutely rock an orgy before calling for help, it just seemed a little out of place in the episode. Having everyone in the episode with different stories is like that though, sometimes they just don’t mesh together very well.

Then there’s demon baby. I’m not one for kids, but the writers did an amazing job of getting you to care about what was going to happen with this kid on the long term. We currently don’t know how long we’ll be seeing Amara, but we know she has the mark, so at the end of the day nothing can really hurt her. The question on what she is exactly still remains.

Supernatural 2

‘Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire’ wasn’t the best season premier Supernatural’s ever had, but there were some really great moments. ‘Saving people means saving all the people’ is at the top for me, I think. A big concern over recent seasons has been that the Family Business hasn’t really been the Family Business. It’s nice to see them swinging back in that direction. It was really nice to have Dean back as well. Things are still rocky, but hell, when aren’t they?

The Good:

  • One thing about this show is despite how grim things can be, we usually get a couple laughs. I think we even got a Dean smile for half a second. There wasn’t a ton here, but it was snuck in occasionally.
  • Voicing that there needs to be change. I’m really hopeful that saving people means saving all the people will come to fruition, and that maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb stop lying to each other.

The Bad:

  • Cas calling the angels instead of waiting for Sam and Dean or even asking for help.
  • I’m rocky on the whole demon baby storyline, we’ll see how it goes.

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