Gotham 2.11 “Worse than a Crime” Review

Gotham officially put the Theo Galavan story arc to rest this week in their mid-season finale, and introduced a few of the new villains that will rise in the second half of the season. Both Hugo Strange and Victor Fries are teased in the final moments of the show, along with other faceless villain possibilities suspended in tanks at Dr. Strange’s Indian Hill lab.


Gotham has always rightfully been a character driven drama, as any origin story should be, and this week the writers didn’t disappoint as many characters took a few strides toward their more recognizable future selves.

Bruce has slowly started coming into his own as a character this season, and is finally begun appropriating a more Batman-ish persona that we here at The Geekly Planet call “baby Batman.” It’s been a relief to see Bruce grow as a character this season, as many of the Bruce Wayne story lines that we’ve seen so far had some of us scratching our heads as to how this scrawny, somewhat whiney, obsessive child would eventual transform into the Caped Crusader.


With his deception of Silver last week and this week’s level headedness in the face of impending doom, we are finally starting to see glimmers of the character we expect little Bruce Wayne to become. Bruce’s reaction to Theo Galavan’s vendetta against his family makes Bruce more relatable than he has been for most of the season. I mean, who wouldn’t be a little baffled at the delusions of a mad man?

Speaking of mad men, our two favorite sociopaths are back at it this week in their villain-tastic version of The Odd Couple. Although we only see Nygma in a few short scenes, Penguin is back with revenge on his mind, and he’s teaming up with Jim Gordon to get the job done. With quite a bit of violence and dramatic flair, the team effectively sends Galavan to the city morgue and ends his reign in Gotham. Possibly forever, but maybe not, depending on what Dr. Strange has in store for his laboratory of fish-tank people.


Possibly the most interesting, and somewhat troubling, story arc this season has been that of Detective Gordon. As a character that began as the guiding moral compass in a corrupt city, Jim Gordon is certainly letting his moral high ground slip in favor of single mindedly pursuing his version of justice. In the mid-season finale, Gordon hits an all-new low when he murders Theo Galavan. Although this end to the story arc makes all of us cheer a tiny bit at the demise of Dumas, it begs the question: is Jim Gordon sliding down the slippery slope of corrupt Gotham justice? Perhaps the writers are setting him up for a redemption story, but this is definitely not the moral Jim Gordon that debuted in season one.


Overall, “More than a Crime” did an excellent job of giving viewers some closure while still teasing just enough future possibilities to make us dread this three-month break. Tabitha and Silver escaped from Galavan Tower after both closing out their stories (for now) with some redemption of their own, Penguin rallied a diverse gang in the name of revenge gives us hope that he’s on the way back to crime-lord status, and the demise of the Order of St. Dumas has us all ready for the next major threat to Gotham. The final scenes of the episode leave both comic book and movie fans ready for the next two super villains to rise: Dr. Strange and Mr. Freeze, and plant the seed that although Galavan is dead, he may not be gone forever.

We’ll see you all in February, when Gotham returns for the second half of season two. Enjoy the Holidays!

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