Supergirl 1.07 “Human For A Day” Review

Today on ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ we have Kara Danvers, realizing that being normal isn’t so great. Kryptonians losing their powers certainly isn’t unprecedented, but it’s definitely never easy to watch. Tonight’s episode took that ‘hard to watch’ to a whole new level, but not without the most important aspect of the show: Hope.

Melissa Benoist brought unbelievable levels of emotion to a powerless Kara in ‘Human For A Day’ watching her fight so furiously to x-ray the dying man, to try to save him. When Jimmy came to her while she was staring blankly at the blood in her hands, I felt my heart break.

That broken heart moment was no match for what followed. The unwavering heroism, inspiration, and hope that radiated from our hero while she was talking down the robber was everything I want to see from Supergirl. Couple that scene with Cat’s inspirational speech to Nation City and you have the most heart-swelling moment of the series yet.

While Kara and Cat were inspiring the city, Alex was trying to get to the bottom of her father’s death, which led her to some amazingly bad decisions. Amongst those decisions was taking on Jemm by herself after locking up Henshaw. Thankfully, those poor choices didn’t lead to anything truly unfortunate. In fact, those poor choices lead to me sitting on my couch screaming and making other idiot noises.

You’ve heard me talking about Hank Henshaw, and how he’s not who we think is, but the writers are not going with the typical Henshaw storyline. In the comics, Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman, and he is not on our team. Not in Supergirl though! In Supergirl Hank is none other than J’onn J’onzz.

Supergirl 4

For those of you who are still lost, you might know him by his heroic moniker: Martian Manhunter. The whole series I have felt bad for enjoying Hank, because I thought I knew who he was, but I am in love with the direction the writers are taking it and I cannot wait for more ‘Henshaw’ in our future, particularly now that we know who he is.

When a superhero loses their powers, it brings opportunity to explore relationships of their teams in a more in depth way. Jimmy Olson continued to help drive Kara to be the best that she can be, while Winn took two steps back into the idiot zone.

Supergirl 1

Jimmy drove Kara to realize that you don’t need powers to be a hero, which lead to the tear jerking moment of her stopping a mugging as a human. Though powerless, that was a true illustration of who Supergirl is, and what she stands for. After showing Kara the picture he caught of this moment, they share a hug, which last I checked was a perfectly acceptable behavior between friends. Particularly when one of those friends has a broken arm, has been feeling helpless, and was helped by the other.

Not according to Winn though. No, no. Winn storms off to go back about his business, and after Kara follows him to try to reason with him, he makes her feel like some sort of slut for, oh gosh, hugging! I have found Winn pretty uninteresting through the series thus far, but tonight’s episode made me want to punch him in his face. After making Kara feel guilty for hugging her friend, he upped the ante by saying that he was never disappointed in Supergirl, he was just disappointed in Kara. What?!

To close things out on a happier note, Supergirl paid a visit to Cat at the end of the episode, thanking her for the broadcast she had used to counterbalance Lord’s negativity.

“You gave them hope today. I know that you inspired them, because you inspired me.”

The Cat that we see talking about Supergirl, the Cat in the moments with her son and in that broadcast are the real Cat Grant. The one that only shows up in true times of need. We saw it when she protected Kara when Livewire was attacking, in her fear for her kid, and tonight when the city needed a hero. Supergirl couldn’t be there, so Cat stepped up and was the voice that they needed.

Tonight’s episode was full of heart, all around. Hopeful inspirations of change and heroism is the only way I take my Kryptonians, and Supergirl’s writers delivered that in spades.


The Good:

  • Hank Henshaw is Martian Manhunter and I am still screaming. I may die from air loss. Send help.
  • ‘You don’t need powers to be a hero’. Jimmy was tremendous this whole episode. He inspired Kara when she was hopeless, and showed her who she could be, even without her powers.
  • Though it tore out my heart, the palpable devastation radiating from Kara when she couldn’t save the man in the street was unbelievable. Such a strong moment.

The Bad:

  • Winn. Just stop. I hope his father is just some run of the mill baddie so he can actually become Toyman, because I’m done with him on team Supergirl. Goo goo eyed jerk.

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