Supergirl 1.11 “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Top 5

It was all about family tonight, and Supergirl flew straight into our hearts and brought all of the feels.  Share your top 5 moments or any of your thoughts on the episode in the comments!  In the meantime, here are our top 5 moments!


5.) Anyone else not emotionally prepared to watch the genocide of a race?  WhethSupergirl 5er you’re familiar with the comics, or this is your first introduction to J’onn, watching him retell the story of his race’s demise was heart wrenching, and seeing it was even worse.



4.) I’m a little momeSupergirl 6nts type of gal.  All about the little things.  With that in mind, Supergirl really nails sisterhood.  It’s not about the moments where they’re saving one another, or other moments of high emotion.  The moments that matter are when they bicker.  When they get ready to deal with their mom, and when they’re sitting on the couch trying to figure out how in the world to survive life.  Female relationships are so important in a show such as Supergirl, and the writers really knock theirs out of the park.

3.) Cat Grant is one of my favorite characters in recent television history.  She’s strong, smart, Supergirl 3sassy, and biting.  Underneath it all, she’s got that soft, gooey center, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful when people stand up to her because she’s being particularly insufferable.  First James stood up to her, insisting that he would be the one to cover the Senator’s story.  Shortly after, Kara squared her shoulders and forced Cat to do what she knew was right, and defended her own actions to boot.  Supergirl is where Kara typically displays her strength, so it’s been nice to see her alter ego display the confidence and poise that it takes to look a woman like Ms. Grant in the eye and tell her how it is.

Supergirl 72.) This may be a touch odd, but as I mentioned, I’m a ‘little things’ kind of girl.  The Senator’s final speech of the episode had a quote: “As a nation we can’t let fear dictate our future.” Cultural relevance is huge in shows of this nature, and that line illustrates a notion that many people have difficulty seeing.  Everyone has to choose just how much freedom they’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of security, and often we make hasty choices that hurt our freedoms and others’ for the sake of feeling a hair safer.  The Senator’s change of heart is important, and I look forward to more moments like it.

1.) This episode was filled with moments that pulled at the heartstrings, all of which tied to family.  When Cat looked at her son and started finally showing that gooey center we talked about earliSupergirl 3er, my heart grew three sizes.  ‘I never got to put a picture that you’d drawn on the fridge.’ is not something one would expect media mogul Cat Grant to feel sadness over, but there she was, crushed.  J’onn telling Kara and Alex that any man would be proud to call them their daughters hit all the right feeling pressure points as well.

Family notions aren’t always heart warming, and we saw that side of things as well.  We saw the despair from many characters when recounting their loss.  Family isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we make the wrong choices, and sometimes we lose ourselves, but at the end of the day, family’s always there to eat ice cream on the couch after a rough day.

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