Agent Carter 2.03 “Better Angels” Top 5

Agent Carter is back for it’s second season, and I can’t get enough.  For those who have been following along with our escapades, you know how hard we angled for the renewal of the show.  Turns out, it wasn’t needed.  As usual, Peg’s got herself covered all on her own.  We’re in episode three and it’s already got me wishing there were more than 8 episodes per season, but I’ll take what I can get.  Here are my Top 5 moments from the episode!  Share yours in the comments, or let us know over on the @CarterCorps on Twitter!

Agent Carter 25.) Howard Stark returned in episode 3, and he did it in all of his usual fashion.  From his plucky one liners, to filling the literal definition of a ‘Boys Club’ with women, he was everything I remembered and more.  The charm and the snark is what we expect from Howard, but it’s so easy to forget that underneath the playboy is a friend that truly cares.  His line to Jarvis?  The ‘I’m great, so’s she.’, when he was letting Jarvis know that if he needed a change of scenery to go fight crime with Peg, he’d understand?  It tugged on my heartstrings so much more than I’d expected.  Speaking of the unexpected, anyone else notice that Arc Reactor?



4.) Not enough things can be said about the costumes in Agent Carter. Giovanna Melton and her team are killing it this season, and that’s even taking last season’s stunning work into account.



3.) Despite how much of a fat head he is, I can’t help but have faith in Jack Thompson.  He’s an infuriating imbecile who just can’t seem to learn, but I hope beyoJack Thompsonnd hope that he figures things out.  We have seen those little glimmers of good in him after The Iron Ceiling in season 1, and when he was talking with Sousa in the S.S.R.  His problem is, he’s trying to please everyone.  At the end of the episode we start to see that glimmer of distrust, but it really is unfortunate that still has to take so many missteps before learning to just trust Peggy!

Agent Carter 12.) Peggy’s eyes when she saw Dr. Wilkes had my heart all aflutter.  Hayley Atwell portrays strong emotions so very well, and she certainly wasn’t the only one pleased to see Jason alive!  He was met with such enthusiasm in the first episode that fans were delighted to see him alive and well, and seeing him working with Howard was icing on the cake.  I’d definitely watch a whole episode of those two sciene-ing together!

1.) Remember that part where I said Jack Thompson is a fat head?  Thompson is a fat head.  Agent Carter 6Fat. Head.  Big, stupid, rude, demeaning, ridiculous fat head.  But you know what’s great?  Watching big, stupid, rude, demeaning, ridiculous fat head’s get put in their place by the one and only Margaret Peggy Carter.   Sousa may not have known what that ‘medal’ comment meant, but Thompson sure as hell did, and so did we.  Peggy obviously hoped he had learned after The Iron Ceiling as well, but it was made abundantly clear that he so very much hasn’t.  He had a little fit, telling Peggy to get back to New York, but the damage was done, and our need to see that man smacked across the face satisfied!

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