Supergirl 1.10 “Childish Things” Top 5

Supergirl returned from its week off with an episode filled with aliens, creepy dolls, and jerk FBI agents.  Here were my top 5 moments!

5- Though the sMax Lordhots he took at Lord’s character while impersonating him could have been detrimental to J’onn’s cover, it was completely hilarious, and led to a solid reason why he continues to hide his identity.   I didn’t care at all for how much Kara and Alex were pushing him through this episode, so hopefully that will ebb a bit now that he has more Supergirl 2than simply being afraid of humanity’s actions.

4- Alex was quite enjoyable this episode. She’s been pleasant for the whole run, but there was something that really shone tonight. From the dinner with Lord, where she informs him she can feed herself, to the sister shoulder moment with Kara at the end, Alex was a strong supporting character while keeping her own arc solid.

3- I was a touch skeptical with the news of Toyman joining the rogues for Supergirl, but I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. His tech, tricks, and villainy were all impressive, and he rocked his crazy in spades. While they closed off this one time arch nicely, I wouldn’t be disappointed if Toyman returned in future episodes.

Supergirl 12- I. Hate. Love. Triangles. I hate them. Love triangles don’t belong in any story in the history of ever and should stop being a plot device in anything IMMEDIATELY. They’re the worst. Please tell your writer friends. Spread the word and together we can end this disgusting excuse of plot advancement. With that in mind, I was incredibly impressed by Winn’s honesty with Kara. The kiss made my physically uncomfortable for both of them, despite not caring for Winn much. It was refreshing to move away from the typical plan of hiding the feelings until one of them is standing at the altar.

1- Lord knows! I don’t mean that in a southern belle kind of way, either. Maxwell Lord knows Kara is SupergiMax and Kararl. He not only knows her identity, but he knows she’s got a shapeshifter on her team, so the trick she and J’onn played with Cat has no opportunity to work in his case. The ramifications for this are huge and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to know what his next move will be.


What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

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