Supernatural 11.10 “The Devil in the Details” Top 5

The Winchesters are finally back after the mid-season break, and they’ve brought an ensemble cast with them. “The Devil in the Details” was full of great moments, from zinging one-liners, to witty voicemail messages, to the departure of some of our most beloved Supernatural characters. Check out my top 5 moments from last night’s episode.


5. Picking Up Where We Left Off

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There’s no better way to open a very serious episode than with a tongue-in-cheek recurring nightmare from our favorite redhead. A throwback to the little TV spot right before the holidays, we all got to relive Crowley gleefully unwrapping a Sam Funko and Rowena’s blinking red nose. The addition of a Satanic Santa and Rowena’s utter despair at the un-removable antlers started us all off with a laugh- even if Santa did stab poor Crowley with a candy cane.


4. The Greatest Hits

The Supernatural Family loves getting even more insight into our favorite characters. Watching Lucifer walk Sam back through his greatest hits while trying to convince Sam to free him harkens back to a time when the Winchesters were a little less co-dependent. Seeing teenage Sam hopelessly missing out on some not so subtle flirting reminds us all that there was a brief period of time when Sam wanted to be normal.

We also got to relive “hey, Assbutt,” which will never get old.


3. Ambriel

For those of you not up to date with your chorus of angels role call, Ambriel is a legit angel in the Catholic fate. She’s an angel of protection and communication- something Supernatural’s been in desperate need of for many seasons. She’s quirky, she’s blunt, and she inspires Cas Sass. What’s not to like? But sadly, with clear communication and protection we wouldn’t have a show that lasted 11 seasons. She clearly had to go. Sorry Ambriel.


2. Heaven Must be Missing an Angel

supernaturalA barely there snippet of a scene that made me laugh out loud so hard I cried, there’s nothing more true to the character of Lucifer than stopping mid smack-down to put on Tavares for some ambiance and an impromptu dance break.


1. “Casifer” and Rowena

While I wouldn’t call these my favorite moments by any stretch, these two events share the top spot for their sheer “what?! NO!” reactions.

As soon as Rowena started explaining why she hated Crowley so much, we all knew her time was coming to an end. Then, when she admitted she was the only one who could open the cage, we all hid behind our fingers and waited for the inevitable to happen- and Lucifer didn’t disappoint. While watch Lucifer snap Rowena’s neck was definitely a hard one to take, the really difficult pill to swallow is seeing Lucifer using Cas as a vessel. While I absolutely, stubbornly, refuse to admit that this is a permanent infestation, I can’t help but wonder what the heck was Cas thinking when he said yes? Only time will tell…


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