Supergirl 1.12 “Bizarro” Top 5

When they announced Bizarro would be coming to Supergirl, I was honestly surprised.  I thought we were moving a touch too quickly, but I have to say, despite the heavy handed camp in the beginning of the episode (She’s alive?  Really, Max?  Be better), I really enjoyed it!  We took a walk through the whole spectrum of emotions, from pure humanity to disgusting villainy, and it was wonderful.  Here are my Top 5 moments.  Let me know yours in the comments!

5.) You guys, you guyS8s!  Winn made my top five this episode!  What shenanigans are these?  I don’t even know what’s happening right now, but for once I actually really enjoyed him.  He and Jimmy having a drink together in CatCo was a great building moment between the characters, and he spent the episode with a touch of his typical humor, and none of that pining nonsense.  I’d love to see these changes continue.

4.) If you’ve been here for my other Supergirl pieces, yoS1u know that I am all in for the eventual Kara/Jimmy pairing, but the keyword in that is ‘eventually’.  With that note in mind, I loved Kara and Adam together.  It seems almost unfair to talk about their chemistry, since that’s Melissa Benoist’s husband, but I’m going to note it all the same!  The two characters complimented each other in such a way that I was genuinely sad to see them split so soon.  They weren’t the forever kind of love, but it definitely seemed like the type of relationship both of them needed at the time.  I look forward to future visits from Adam to National City.

S63.) “And he is compromising the security of my family. Guess which one I care about more?”  While I lean more in the direction Kara does regarding Bizarro and her victim status, I thought Alex was awesome in this episode!  From storming into Max’s office twice, one of which to arrest his jerk face, to rounding on Hank and having none of his political, by the book nonsense, Alex Danvers was a force to be reckoned with!  It’s been mentioned in these Top 5’s previously, but her actions really speak to what lengths she will go to, to protect her baby sister.


2.) While Jimmy’s speech was a tactic to distract Bizarro, he still meant eS9very word of it.  Unfortunately his master plan didn’t work out, but the message the writers drove home with his brief monologue was wonderful.  The transition from ‘people’ to ‘I’ when expressing why Kara was loved was a nice touch as well.  All of those loving, fluffy feelings aside, it was really nice to see a damsel in distress be a man.  I know we’ve seen it a couple of times in the show, but it is something that I will always be here for!

S51.) Do you know what the best thing about Kryptonians is?  Their humanity.  Their unwavering, unfaltering, indestructible humanity.  While the rest of her colleagues were ready to lynch Bizarro,  Kara was only worried about what had happened to the woman underneath the monster everyone else saw.  Each time they met the first thing Kara tried to do was reason with her, to reach her.  Clark and Kara both share this stalwart (and sometimes infuriating) belief that deep down there is good in everyone, and tonight on Supergirl that message was driven home in such a wonderful way.   Kara’s sadness and rage as Bizarro was falling to sleep was palpable.  You did the ‘S’ good tonight, lady.  You did it good.



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