Supernatural 11.13 “Love Hurts” Top 5

This week’s Supernatural episode took a gruesome outlook on the most romantic holiday of the year with a monster that will literally tear your heart out. Here are my top 5 moments from “Love Hurts.”

5. Bloody Valentine

As one of the people who falls into the category of people who are not super fond of Valentine’s Day in general, it pleases me greatly whenever my least favorite commercial holiday is combined with my favorite genre- horror. Never one to disappoint, Supernatural provided an episode that put as much blood and gore as possible into a witchy Valentine’s Day special. Whether it was people literally getting their hearts torn out or the idea that a murderous curse is transferable, this episode hit all of my must haves in a bloody Valentine special and will definitely be going on my “unattached drifter Christmas” must-watch list.


4. Magical STD


Speaking of transferable curses, what did you all think of the Magical STD take on curses? For those of you who have seen It Follows, a 2014 horror film from David Robert Mitchell, the concept isn’t exactly new. I would argue, however, that Supernatural did it right by cursing a character that fights back against the curse rather than a teenage girl who spends nearly two hours running from it. While it was a little frustrating to watch Dean once again throw himself right into the path of danger, it did allow us a glimpse into what Dean’s deepest desire is, and it was a little startling (for him), to say the least.


3. Witchcraft Home Cooking

I don’t know why, but the idea of witchy home cooking was a nice change for me. It was enjoyable to see Sam and Dean work on a curse that has no origin in the lore. And the idea that this is what witches create at home was amusing to me, since I spend most of my Friday nights trying to invent new cupcake recipes. But whether or not I was the only one who found that little tid-bit amusing, the monster that resulted from that home cooked recipe was definitely a nice addition to the episode. When most of us were prepared to see a familiar shape-shifter roll through the door, the writers took us on a nice little twist and introduces a whole new monster into Supernatural canon: the “Qareen.”


2. Rock, Paper, Scissors

It was short, it was fleeting, and it was 11 seasons in the making. For once, Dean finally threw something other than scissors! Watching Dean win at Rock, Papers, Scissors was one of those brotherly moments that endear this show to us time and time again. Kudos to the writers for throwing in this little detail from way back in the day.


1. Growing Pains


Over 11 seasons on television, we’ve seen the Winchesters grow and regress in their emotional maturity. This episode, however, really highlighted how far these to characters have come since they first started battling apocalyptic forces. We got to finally see Dean come clean with Sam over his infatuation and weakness for The Darkness; and in a truly mature and calm manner, Sam easily wrote off Dean’s concerns and showed a great amount of maturity in explaining that he didn’t blame Dean in the least for falling for a primordial force.

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