Agent Carter 2.06 “Life of the Party” Top 5

Agent Carter took on an unlikely teammate in tonight’s episode, and it was just as exciting and funny as you’d expect! Dottie brought a fun new dynamic to the team, and adventures ensued in tonight’s episode ‘Life of the Party’.  Here are my Top 5 moments, let me know yours in the comments!

5.)  You can’t just introduce an amazing character like Ana Jarvis and then not give her back for 5 episodes!  Well, I mean, obviously you can, because they did, but still!  Rude!  All the same, it was nice to see her back on the screen, even though if it was mostly to have her fret.  Poor Jason didn’t know what he was doing.

4.) Life’s not worth living if you can’t appreciate the little things.  Tonight those ‘little things’ just happened to include watching Dottie Underwood get tased by Sousa.  I would have been perfectly happy with that on its own, but as they typically do, the writers took it one step farther and had Peg do it again.

AC53.) I’m still hoping Jack comes around, but this episode certainly didn’t encourage that thinking.  Despite that, Jarvis and Jack’s interaction was hilarious.  It’s always a delight when Jarvis stands up and speaks his mind.  Especially with a character that is so good at being a complete ass.

2.)   It may be peculiar, but I really enjoy seeing an injured Peggy.  It’s not because I like that she’s hurt, it’s more the notes that it has on her humanity.  She’s a strong, capable woman who is used to kicking ass and taking names.  Watching her unable to make her way into the field is a pleasant change.

1.)  I love watching people try to intimidate Peggy.  Since Thompson is such a special case of being completely infuriating while still hoping he’ll turn out okay, it’s especially delightful when he tries.  Add in the fact that he’s been to battle and has seen what she’s capable of and the whole situation just becomes laughable.  Maybe one day Jack will learn how to play with the big kids, but it was not this day!

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