Arrow 4.13 “Sins of the Father” Top 5

Arrow has always loved its twists and turns, and tonight was no exception.  Here are my Top 5 moments from ‘Sins of the Father’.  Let me know yours in the comments!

5.)  The Team Arrow blockade when Malcolm and the rest of his ninja jerks were trying to chase after Nyssa was brilliant.  We’ve seen the team work together on missions in the past, but usually when it comes to ideals and opinions at least two of them typically end up butting heads.  Because of those common arguments, it was great to see them fall in line as a team to stand against the baddies!

Smoak4.)  The Smoak family is full of surprises, but tonight it was Mama Smoak that got me.  She’s a delightful character that is used just enough to keep you loving her and thinking her, um… her-ness is adorable and not overwhelming.  That very same ‘her-ness’ is what made her real talk moment with Felicity awesome.  Mama Smoak squaring her jaw, looking her daughter in the eyes and saying that there was no reason to hope and that her father wouldn’t change was such a change from who she usually is.  It was hard for Felicity to hear the truth, but it was a solid moment between mother and daughter.

3.)  I am still flaming pissed at Oliver for lying to Felicity about William (Connor!), which makes me even happier to say that I adored Oliver Queen these pA10ast two episodes.  I mean, I always care about Oliver, he’s a long time favorite, but the lying about the kid is really getting to me.  With that drawback aside, he has shown so much growth lately.  He let both Roy and Thea make their own decisions, treating them as equals, and tonight he chose diplomacy over war.

2.) Oliver’s diplomacy leads to my second favorite moment of the evening, slice ’em, dice’ em Merlyn.  Even though I knew the second his hand fell from his body that the fallout would be huge, it was a truly clever moment on Oliver’s part, and it took a different turn than I had anticipated.

A51.) Speaking of things I didn’t anticipate– The League of Assassins (Shadows) is no more.  Even though I spent the majority of the episode really irked with Nyssa, the episode ended with me firmly in her corner.  She regained her birthright, and broke the hold of her villainous father in one fell swoop.   While I doubt the story of the league is done for good, I really enjoyed Nyssa taking control of her own life for the first time in the series.

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