Supergirl 1.13 “The Girl That Was” Top 5

Supergirl has its issues, whether that be with the show itself, or the fact that it’s running in the same time slot as the X Files, but it makes up for that in spades with its truth to that S symbol.  The writers capture what it means to be a member of the House of El in such a pure way, and tonight was no exception.  Here are my Top 5 moments!  Let us know yours in the comments!

5.) Part of my love for SS6upergirl is that there are so few super hero shows that acknowledge the fact that they are rooted in comic books.  On the whole, there is supposed to be light, and there is supposed to be humor.  You need darkness to appreciate light, but the same is true for the reverse.  That notion is what made Martian Man Kara make my top 5.   Supergirl may have a lot of things to iron out when she returns to work, but it didn’t take away from a situation that J’onn couldn’t handle.   I almost wish Kara and Alex could see so they could rag on him for going straight to crying after the soldier tactics didn’t.

4.) I didn’t like Winn for the first 10 episodes.  Like, not even a little bit.  He was a less funny S1Cisco who’s only purpose was to make goo goo eyes at Kara.  Now that we’ve moved past that he has actually started to grow on me.  Not only that, but his ‘bro’ moments with Jimmy have become a highlight.  Instead of butting heads over the areas they have in common, they’ve started to not only bond, but figure out how to help each other and make the other better.  I’m all about the Jimmy Winn Bro Team!

S93.) The first few episodes, Alex was endearing because she was Kara’s sister.  Now, Alex is amazing because Alex is Alex.  She’s grown into her own, and seeing what that has done for her and Kara’s relationship has been very satisfying.  We got to see a range of emotion with the fear that she wouldn’t be able to pull her sister out, to the rage she displayed with Max.  Her interactions with Astra were pretty interesting as well.  It was unfortunate that those interactions led to Astra’s death.

2.) With Jimmy and Winn now working together, and Hank now meeting the two of them, we’ve seen Team Supergirl grow into a formidable force.  Kara Danvers and Supergirl are two different people, but they also have to have a certain synchronicity to them.  Hopefully with all of the team knowing and working together, we will see those two separate parts of the show begin to work together in a harmonious way.  I can’t wait till Winn finds out J’onn is a Martian!

S51.) The choice.  Oh man.  What are these people trying to do to me?  Melissa Benoist did a tremendous job showing such deep, torn emotions throughout the whole episode.  In the beginning when she was trying to convince herself it was fake, her desperation was so evident, despite the fact that she was in her perfect world.  Her fear when Alex was helping her remember that it wasn’t real and she was going to have to lose it again and then her despair when she returned.  The pained silence as she looked between her family members, realizing that she had lost it all again was enough to break hearts across the nation, but none of it could match her rage.

The action sequences haS10ve been a struggle point for Supergirl, but tonight’s seemed more solid than the past.  They’re still not on par with the other hero shows out there, but they’re also dropping a lot more money on the special effects vs the practical (something I think should change).  Kara beating the crap out of her Uncle was delightful, but was quickly capped off by more despair as we lost Astra.  Melissa took us all through the marathon of emotions that Kara Danvers struggled through tonight, and deserves all the accolades for it.



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