Supergirl 1.15 “Solitude” Top 5

Today’s Superman’s birthday, did you know?  Though it may have been unintentional, ‘Solitude’ was a solid nod to what he stands for.  There were quite a few delightful moments to choose from tonight!  So many, in fact, that I had to change up this Top 5 several times. Team Supergirl showed that they were better together, tonight.  Here are my favorite moments!

5.) Fortress of SoS1litude. Fortress of Solitude. Fortress. Of. Solitude. I mean, do I really have to explain here? THEY WERE IN THE FREAKING FORTRESS, OKAY?!

4.) The writers really brought their baddy game with Indigo. She was creepy, heartless, and on a mission, all things you never want anyone who breathes the name ‘brainiacs’ to be. Toss in the fact that she’s got the hots for Non and there is just no way that any of this is going to end good. Non was less than pleasant with Astra to temper his extremes. Partnered with Indigo it’s nothing but bad news for Kara and National City

3.) Easter Eggs galore in this episode! The aforementioned nod to Brainiac nod, for one, but even Indigo herself has hidden ties to the universe. That is to say, the actress does. Smallville fans likely recognized the one and only Laura Vandervoort, the Supergirl to Tom Welling’s Superman!

Speaking of Superman, Kara’s faster! Those familiar with the Superman comics are aware of the long standing question of who’s faster, The Flash, or Supes? Fans go back and forth, and the question’s had different answers throughout the ages, but this certainly brings up questions. Namely, will Kara beat Barry in a race when he visits National City?

Not enough for you? Howabout a Legion Flight ring? First of all, it’s awesome that this ring showed up in the same episode where ‘brainiac’ is said, but even without that, it gives a nod to the Legion of Super-Heroes, opening the door to potentially see many more super friends in National City!

S62.) On a scale from 1-10, I was a solid 8 when it came to disliking Winn at the beginning of this show. He was there to make goo-goo eyes at Kara, and was a less funny/useful Cisco Ramone. Now that we’ve gotten the Kara crush out of the way I find myself caring about him more and more each episode. His personality no longer revolves around liking Kara, and now focuses on quippy one-liners and tech bad-assery. Pretty sure Indigo will never recover from that sick Windows Vista burn. She was terrible, but man, that was harsh!

1.) Supergirl has lacked a bit in the action, but the past few episodes have made up for some lost time. The start to my number 1 is a total fake-out though, because while I’ve been craving more action, and they’ve delivered, my favorite moment of this episode was one of feels.

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for J’onn, and I alwaysS5 have. His caring for Kara and Alex like they’re his own daughters has not helped that soft spot, and Kara being mad at him was torturing me. When Alex finally came clean and started sobbing, they already had my heart. Then Kara reached for J’onn’s hand, and I completely lost it. It hit me right in my gut and it was tremendous in the most ‘oh, there go my heart strings’ kind of way.

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