Supernatural 11.12 “Don’t You Forget About Me” Top 5

Last night’s episode of Supernatural was filled with lots of laughs, touching family moments, and the kind of conflict that can only come from living with teenagers. Here are my top 5 from “Don’t You Forget About Me:”

5. The Birds and the Bees


Let’s start with a priceless parenting moment over a dinner of chicken-shaped chicken, mashed potatoes, and wine. Lots of wine. What starts out as a typical sister fight quickly turns into an uncomfortable birds-and-the-bees talk, 21st century style. While many people would applaud Jody for her candid approach to tackling issues like safe sex, STDs, and responsibility, I applaud her for not letting the Winchesters leave the table and avoid the conversation. Not only did it reiterate that they were all a stitched-together family unit, but the clear discomfort Sam and Dean exhibit made it one of the most memorable scenes of the night.


4. Different Parenting Styles

Watching Jody, Dean, and Sam interact with Claire and Alex really brought to light the kind of parents each person would be if they chose that path. Ranging from comforting and sympathetic to blunt and stern, what was abundantly clear was how much the Winchesters and Jody really wanted to see these two teens thrive and find happiness in the aftermath of their very different but equally damaging pasts. It’s not often that we get to see battle-hardened and somewhat cynical characters let down their guard, but seeing these three connecting with and caring for two teenagers really hit right in the feels.


3. Dad-mode Dean

All of the parental moments this week were phenomenal, but none stood out quite like Dad-mode Dean. We’ve seen Dean in paternal roles before, but never have we seen him quite like this. From blunt heart-to-hearts to monologue rage at being ignored, this death-glaring hunter has the potential to make any boyfriend think twice before trying to date his daughter.


2. Jody Mills


Ladies and gentlemen, Jody-freakin’-Mills may just be the most awesome character to guest star on Supernatural. Nothing seems to rattle this lady for long, and she takes it all in stride. This week we saw a side of Jody that hasn’t been explored much: the maternal side. It’s hard not to marvel at the strength of someone who would take in two damaged teens and finish raising them in the after math of trauma; and while Jody certainly doesn’t pretend for a moment that it’s easy, it’s a role that suits the Sioux Falls sheriff. Her maternal love for not just the girls, but also for the Winchesters gets to the heart of the episode and makes us all fall even more in love with her.


1. Supernatural Family


If there’s one thing no one can argue with, it’s that Supernatural is filled with broken, damaged characters. No matter how bright and shiny they may appear, each and every one of them has their baggage and skeleton-riddled closets. What this episode made abundantly clear, beyond the dark and twisty back-stories of each character, is the family that forms in the after- after the battle, after the tragedy, after the healing. Whether it be a maternal sheriff with two strays, a grizzled old hunter looking out for two boys, or brothers leaning on each other to get through it all, this weeks episode reminded the fandom that this show is about family, no matter how much of a stitched together patchwork it may be.


I hope you enjoyed my top 5 from last night’s episode, what were yours? Comment below or tweet along with me every Wednesday as I watch Supernatural in the Mountain Time Zone.


Happy hunting, see you all next week!

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