The 100 1.03 “Ye Who Enter Here” Top 5

1. Raven Reyes
Raven Reyes is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters of the show. She has continued to endure intense physical pain and emotional trials and come out the other side, no easy feat. This episode highlighted her recent struggles and exposed a more vulnerable side to Raven that we do not often see. She hides both her physical and emotional pain behind a facade composed of her mechanical skills, humour and mental aptitude. I do hope though that the storyline moves on from her injury, while certainly relevant aspect of character it does not need to continue defining her.

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2. Kane + Abby
On The 100 the focus often remains on the relationships of the younger members of the Skaikru. It is after all a show aimed at a younger audience. However, the relationship between Kane and Abby provides an interesting counterpoint for the other relationships. When Abby struggles to juggle her position as a Doctor and Chancellor, she suggests to Kane that he takes over the role as Chancellor. The Marcus Kane of Season 1 would have jumped at the chance to hold power, however his character growth prevailed and he reassured of her skills as Chancellor and instead suggested they wait until the Skaikru could decide for themselves. It’s clear that they trust each others judgement, but are also not afraid to challenge each other, they communicate with each other and comfortable around each other (as indicated by Abby feeling comfortable enough around Kane to sleep in his workspace). Amidst the turmoil and torture of the ground they are able to anchor each other. It does not surprise me that they are on the precipice of developing into something more.

3. Octavia + Bellamy
A key theme throughout the show has been family… Whether they be a chosen or biological family. The Blake siblings carry that theme and their relationship has transformed since the beginning of the show. Bellamy and Octavia trust each other and Belalmy shows a huge amount of character growth (anybody remember controlling Bellamy a la season 1) by being supportive of Octavia’s desire to leave with Lincoln.

The Geekly Planet - The 100 Review
4. Indra
Indra’s character has developed from a harsh personality to someone who is still just as tough but now possess’ far more grace and understanding. I loved her scenes with Kane. Her diplomacy, tact and understanding of both the The 100 and Grounders is sure to be useful in the future. Particularly as it appears Pike is going to be causing discourse between the two groups.

5. Polis
Although the Skaikru and The 100 have worked to establish a liveable community, Camp Jaha is still primitive, and they are still learning how to integrate with the land. Polis however, is a thriving community that is such a stark contrast to the experience The 100 and Skaikru have had of the ground so far, and even a stark contrast to clinical Mount Weather. It is clear the grounders feel comfortable here, and with the new agreement in place I believe the Skaikru would do well to learn from the people Polis.

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