Gotham 2.13 “A Dead Man Feels No Cold” Top 5

This week on Gotham, Victor Fries reigns terror down on Gotham city while Hugo Strange terrorizes the Penguin, and Bruce Wayne returns with a more Batman-shaped outlook on his life. Here are my top five from “A Dead Man Feels No Cold.”


5. Reunion at the Asylum

Let’s kick this week’s top 5 off with a quick and humorous moment in Arkham. While trying to lure Victor into a trap using his terminally ill wife as bait, Lee finds herself once again a doctor with Arkham Asylum’s padded walls. What she doesn’t expect is to be caring for Nora while sharing the room with her original nemesis, Barbara Kean. True, Barbara is unconscious for the entirety of their stay together, but that doesn’t stop Lee from telling Babs exactly how she feels. Humorous and cathartic, it was a great moment.


4. Frozen City

Victor Fries takes main stage this week and leaves no doubt as to exactly what he wants. While long-time Batman fans, and those who suffered through two hours of Batman and Robin, are familiar with this particular origin story, Gotham has really put a spotlight on the tragedy that creates one of Batman’s major adversaries. We all know where this is heading (straight to Indian Hill), Victor Fries has a few key moments this week that really humanize him for the audience- right before he becomes a major baddie. Whether it’s the confession that he will go quietly to prison once the state is responsible for Nora, the admission that he never wanted to hurt anyone, or the Romeo and Juliet style ending; Victor Fries definitely pulled at a few heart strings this week.


3. Hugo Strange


Hugo Strange continues to elevate his creepy-factor this week as we all get a glimpse into just how self-serving and conniving he is. It’s hard to pick just one top moment with Strange, especially when each moment builds on the last to develop a truly diabolical character. The addition of Ms. Peabody this week as a more major character definitely highlights the fact that Hugo Strange is collecting and arsenal of villains at Indian Hill and how he’s going about managing two places at once.


2.Blinded by Love

Nora and Lee shared a poignant conversation just before Nora’s death that really highlighted just how far Jim Gordon has fallen since the beginning of season one. In her final moments, Nora shares with Lee that she saw the changes happening in her husband and did nothing because she loved him. As an audience, we’ve watched Lee accept things like Jim’s shaky explanation of what happened to Galavan and just keep going like nothing seems a little off. It’s refreshing to see that not only has Dr, Thomkins not been buying it, but she’s actually going to step up and do something about it.


1. Baby Batman

It is no secret that Bruce Wayne hasn’t been my favorite character on this show. I’ve found him to be whiny, petulant, and all too pubescent for me to relate to him on any level. This week, however, I could’ve filled a top five with moments just about Bruce. So instead, I’m going to lump them into the baby Batman category and put them at the top of my list.

This week, Bruce returns from Switzerland full of fire and renewed purpose. Instead of a scared little boy, the writers finally start to show us shadows of the Batman we’re all familiar with.

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