Arrow 4×16 “Broken Hearts” Top 5

Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5

It’s Catherine here, covering for Amelia (hope you’re safe from the snow!) this week. In this week of Arrow we had: Cupid (stupid), broken hearts, tearful conversations and bad-ass ladies.

Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5
It’s Cupid, stupid
Amy Gumerick has perfected the balance between sweet and evil, and it’s so much fun to watch!! Her deranged nature is completely unnerving, but at the same time her heartbreak and her motivation is also understandable.

Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5
Damian Dark…
What is the point exactly of his storyline? Neil McDonough has done a fantastic job of playing such a evil villain, I have no questions about that. I’m just struggling to care about his arc and what he’s doing. Yes his actions are having an impact on the team to an extent but it feels like he’s just there…

Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5
Felicity Smoak
I could sit and talk about Emily Bett Rickard’s brilliant portrayal of Felicity for hours on end, but I won’t (not today at least). One of my favourite characteristics of Felicity is her independence and strength and this episode emphasised those qualities perfectly. This week, despite obviously not being anywhere in the realm of okay, she pushed through to help the ones she loves and solve the problem at hand. Felicity’s decision to leave Oliver was clearly not an easy one, however, she did what was best for her and, dare I say Oliver in the circumstance. It is what is needed for both of them to grow and come to terms with what happened. Having someone you love betray you hurts, in the worst way, she needs time to heal from that. That final conversation had me in tears.
Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5




Lawyer Laurel

My favourite Laurel moments have always been when she is kicking ass as a lawyer. Since we’ve missed out on Laurel as a lawyer most of this season it was so nice to see her back in her element, dominating the courtroom.


Arrow 4x16 "Broken Hearts" Top 5
Thea Queen
I have loved seeing Thea Queen as a publicity and marketing maven throughout this season. Her character has always been a savvy business woman and seeing her step right back into that role this episode was just perfect. Can we have Felicity and Thea working side by side at Palmer Tech/Queen Consolidated please.


Sentence Fragments:

– Thea Queen in her element with the down low on all things media and shipping names.
– Oliver Queen, you have a lot of work to do my friend…
– Felicity talking about moving and the proper distribution of boxes
– Felicity and Cupid’s heart to heart

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