Arrow 4.17 “Beacon of Hope” Top 5

Arrow 4x17 "Beacon of Hope" Top 5

This weeks episode of Arrow “Beacon of Hope” was all about the ladies. With Felicity’s nemesis, Brie Larson paying a visit to Star City in search for the the bio-stimulant in Felicity’s spine. She, of course brought her terrifying robotic bee’s along.

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Ladies Supporting Ladies
This episode was full of Ladies Supporting Ladies and I absolutely loved it. After last week’s episode it hit me that Felicity isn’t really shown have any close friends on screen aside from Oliver and Diggle. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it is hard when a fallout occurs (e.g. a breakup) It made a nice change to have her surrounded by supportive women and I certainly loved having Donna and Thea supporting Felicity together and interacting again.

Arrow 4x17 "Beacon of Hope" Top 5
Felicity’s independence
This is the Felicity I wanted to see at the beginning of Season 4.  A badass CEO, not taking crap from anybody, and using her brilliant brain for good. This is the Felicity Smoak I have missed, her independence and the innovation shone through in this episode, and I hope we don’t lose that.

It’s nice to see her finding her own mission outside of Team Arrow, and to an extent outside of Oliver. This is not to say that the mission, she had when she was with Team Arrow (and Oliver) was somehow wrong. No, this is simply a different mission, her mission. She has a renewed sense of purpose.

Arrow 4x17 "Beacon of Hope" Top 5
Thea and Felicity
I have been waiting for a good heart to heart talk between Felicity and Thea since mid season 3 when Oliver fought with Ra’s. It was nice to finally see this come to fruition as they discussed the motivations behind Felicity joining Team Arrow and also Felicity’s vision for the company. P.S. I think Thea should be the new head of PR for Palmer Tech…



Arrow 4x17 "Beacon of Hope" Top 5

Brie Larson / Emily Kinney
I love seeing smart female villains on my screen and Brie Larven, a playful, bee obsessed and whip-smart portrayed by Emily Kinney the perfect nemesis for Felicity. I would have happily had this entire episode as the primary storyline for Season 4.




Despite Arrow’s dark tone there has always been an undercurrent of subtle humour and witticism to keep you entertained. You only have to watch the pilot episode of Arrow to see what I mean. This episode was pun filled and amusing from the start without losing its edge. More of that please.

Side Notes:

  • What is the point of the Flashbacks? I’m confused and a little bored…
  • Int he continuing saga of Oliver and Pop Culture, what does he know: we discover that Oliver knows about Voldemort.
  • Curtis Holt, you’re a legend.
  • Can we keep Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross) permanently please.

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