Blindspot 1×14 “Rules in Defiance” Top 5

As the conspiracy continues to unfold Tasha is caught up in the middle of it all. I really enjoyed having her as the focus of this week’s episode. With the team tackling a difficult and sensitive case involving sex trafficking Tashas strengths as an agent really shone through when we saw her go undercover. I love seeing her hand to hand combat but also her speech to Jane after they’ve come back from the operation. “This work is bigger than us”.

This week Jane was filled with doubt, about her role in the team, about Oscar and primarily about herself. After a grilling session with her therapist, she walks out, but by the end of the episode it appears she had worked through her doubts. She appears to have deiced where here her loyalties lie with her resounding statement of “I AM FBI”. However, with Oscars statement that they made contingencies if present Jane decided to stop working as an informant within the FBI, how is Jane going to handle it? Particularly as that contingency is to kill Agent Weller, someone she has grown close too…
Blindspot 1x14 "Rules in Defiance" Top 5
Patterson exerting her intelligence.
Each week the meaning behind another tattoo (or two) is uncovered and they’re becoming incredibly more intricate and detailed (kudos to the writers). I love seeing Patterson each week decrypting the tattoos and uncovering the secrets and stories behind them.

Matthew White
This week we were introduced to Matthew White and Assistant US Attorney. I am interested to see who his storyline plays out. He seems to have some theories as to the overall conspiracy and how everyone is involved.

Agent Reade + Sarah Weller
Yet again I am baffled by the developing relationship between Agent Reade and Sarah Weller. It feels like a set up for her death to me. Whilst there is certainly chemistry between the two, the relationship has developed so very quickly. I am simply not invested, and I doubt I’ll have any strong feelings if she does die. After seeing Reade get bludgeoned over the head, they could be setting it up for his death as well..
Stray thoughts:

  • How is Mayfair involved, I really want to know…
  • I thought at the beginning of the season that they would be pushing the relationship between Zapata and Reade…
  • Don’t lie to your therapist

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