“Hive” Review: Insect Chess

If you’re anything like me, you love boardgames. But if you are like me (you poor soul), you love spending time at home alone with your person, whomever they may be, and few other humans about. While many games can be played with 2 players, not many should. As such, it can be difficult to mitigate the realms of board game geek and homebody. Enter Hive.

If you can imagine chess, but with bugs, and about 100x more fun, you’re probably close to picturing Hive. In hive, you control either white or black pieces, and each piece has the picture of a bug on it, see below.

I am not personally a big fan of chess; it quickly gets too complex and stressful and it’s very clear that there are very specific strategies in play. While Hive is easiest to explain while comparing it to chess, I believe it incorporates all the best parts of chess, while maintaining a low key atmosphere. The pieces are bright and colorful, and the entire game consists of 22 pieces, making it very portable. With no board or mat to be played on, it can be played literally anywhere, making it great for those of us consistently on the go. I have been known to carry it in my purse so it can be played while waiting for food at a restaurant.

As far as the actual game play goes,  each bug has very specific movements. For example, the beetle can only move one space at a time, but it also has the ability to move on top of other pieces, thus changing their color from black to white. The ant is by far the most powerful piece in the game, as it can move anywhere as long as it fits in the space without requiring the movement of any other pieces. The goal of the game is to trap the other players bee by surrounding it. First bee trapped is the loser. You must keep in mind both the movements/abilities of each piece, but you also can never separate  a piece from the rest in play, aka, break up the hive.

Overall this game has quickly become one of my favorites, it has a very low learning curve and so it could easily be picked up by anyone ages 8+. I would highly recommend picking it up on your next trip to the local game shop.

Shannon Bee

Shannon's geekiness began at an early age, growing up surrounded by Star Wars and Star Trek, and an obsession over Batman which continues to this day. She has delved into nearly every type of geekdom, including LARPs, gaming of both the video and board types, books, television, movies, and comic books. Sassiness and feminism abound in her musings, but she always seeks first to bring a smile to other's faces.

Shannon has a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies from the University of Northern Colorado, where she composed her award winning and nationally presented senior thesis titled "Behind the Shield and Under the Sheets: Sex and Sexuality in a Live Action Role Playing Game"
If this is not a statement of her nerdy feminism, what more could there be?

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