Supergirl 1.16 “Falling” Top 5

We went on adventures with red kryptonite on tonight’s Supergirl, and had a chance to see all of Kara’s deepest, darkest thoughts.  We got a few laughs and some real feels, coupled with some great alien on alien fight scenes.  Here are my Top 5 moments of the episode, tell me yours @TheGeeklyPlanet!

S25.) While I’m not a fan of The View, Cat’s interview was a top moment for sure.  From ‘powerful woman’ to ‘powerful person’ distinction, all the way to her comment on having her platform means nothing if she doesn’t use it for good.  Cat Grant maS3y be cold, but deep down she is just as much of a hero as Kara and it’s always a pleasure to see.

4.) They needed to really bring just how much of a girl scout Supergirl is to make the effects of the red kryptonite really hit home.  When you love something enough to show it, it’s never easy to be made fun of it, which is something geeks know all to well.  That made the moment when Supergirl swooped down to defend the little girl all the more wonderful.  Kara’s friends with all the nice girls.

S83.) Red Kryptonite Kara.  It started off funny, then moved to uncomfortable, then hopped right into ‘OMG MAKE IT STOP’ land.  Siobhan wasn’t anywhere near nice, and deserved what she got, but the way happened will haunt Kara, I’m certain.  The dance scene with Jimmy made me physically uncomfortable, because consent isn’t just an issue for women.  The venom she spewed at Hank made me curl up in my chair.  Then poor Alex, and then Cat took a trip.  Plus reckless endangerment of humans.  It was hard.  It was supposed to be hard… that’s what made it greS13at.

2.) I am a sappy sucker when it comes to father/daughter stories, which means that anything involving Hank, Kara, and Alex turns me into a weeping mess.  So, when he transformed in front of everyone to save his girls, I immediately started crying.  Then he didn’t run.  He was supposed to run.  WHY DIDN’T YOU RUN, HANK!?  Because he’d die before letting anything happen to Alex and her sister.  Yeah, I was full on bawling at that point.  Exceptional.

1.) The roller coaster they toS11ok us on had to lead to the fallout eventually, and it was rough.  The sheer despair that Melissa Benoist displayed while lying on medical table was palpable.  You could feel how crushed Kara was.  While her and Alex made it out of the incident okay, Kara and Jimmy aren’t on the best ground.  While that pains me, I’m on board with it.  She forced herself on him, and took some very unfair shots at someone he may not be in love with, but does love.  You can’t just magically get past those things, so I look forward to them working on things.  My waterworks kicked back in as soon as the balcony chat with Cat started, but it was the line ‘Can I just sit here for a while’ that brought be back to full on tears.

‘I said it would be difficult, not impossible.’

You’ll win them back, Kara, and in the meantime, we’ll be here.


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