Supergirl 1.16 “Manhunter” Top 5

Supergirl spent a lot of time in flashback mode this week, and if you’ve heard me talk about them, you know I am not a fan.  With that being said, the writers seemed to do it right, and it was definitely awesome to get a glimpse of J’onn’s previous life while here on Earth.  Here are my Top 5 Moments!

S35.)  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Siobhan.  Kara at least had a biochemical messing with her brains, you’re just genuinely awful, and you got what was coming, which is a sassy Cat Grant owning you.  Wynn being the one to do it was really only icing on the cake, for everyone who wasn’t Wynn, of course.

Wynn learned the hard way for the second time this season that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but, on the bright side, we have a shiny new bad guy to shake things up in National City.  Banshee will be joining us soon!

4.)  “You’re not a danger, you’re a refugee, like mS1y daughter.  This one, here, Kara. She’s adopted, she’s not from here either.”  Jeremiah Danvers and J’onn together in the forest was a heartfelt scene between two fathers who love their girls.  J’onn repeating Alex and Kara’s names.  Come on, I can’t!  The scene was exceptional on its own, but, even though he’s Jeremiah in this world, all I could see was Superman and Martian Manhunter, and it gave me the feelings.

S43.) As mentioned, I hate flashbacks.  At least, I do usually.  Tonight Supergirl utilized them very well, and I found that the episode would have been much less without them.  It was cool to see another snippet of J’onn’s past, this time here on Earth, and it was nice to see what a true Kryptonian would do when people are in danger.

2.) J’onn loves his girls, and they love him. Their fierce loyalty to each other was the backbone of “Manhunter”, and createS5d a sturdy foundation for plots that I wouldn’t have been on board with without them (like Kara telling Lucy).  Their whole weird little family would give up everything for each other, and that was illustrated tonight.

1.)  If you haven’t read comic books, and this is your first introduction to Lucy Lane, you may not think she’s all that bad.  If you have read those books, you have predisposition towards Lucy, because she is a miserable cow, just like her father.  That is a predisposition that I have done my best to set aside in Supergirl, as they thankfully seem to be moving in another direction, but it hasn’t been very easy.

With that in mind, Lucy has haS2d exceptional moments in the show, and tonight was one of them.  While I am still hesitant to let myself really care for her,  I am interested to see what will happen with her in charge of the D.E.O.  The good kind of interested, even.


BONUS:  Project Cadmus.  PROJECT CADMUS.  Like, the program that created Superboy.  The reason Superman won’t work with the government.  We now have confirmation of its existence in the Supergirl mythos and that opens some very exciting doors!

What were your Top Moments of tonight’s episode?  Tweet them to us at @TheGeeklyPlanet, or let us know in the comments!

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