Supergirl 1.18 “Worlds Finest” Top 5

Supergirl and The Flash teamed up tonight in what was easily my favorite episode of superhero television this season.  Kara and Barry showed how grown up heroes behave in an episode filled with so many perfect quotes that it’s difficult to pick my favorites.  Here are my Top 5 moments from Worlds Finest, an event that healed my vs. fatigued soul.

S65.) First seasons always have rough spots here and there.  While Wynn certainly wasn’t the biggest problem in earlier episodes, as soon as they moved him from the Kara crazy, Jimmy hating bitter fest, I really started to enjoy him.  His relationship with James has morphed into a bantering sort of brotherhood, and their pokes at each other are a delight!  They’re particularly fun when it’s Wynn seeing James in the exact situation that he was in the beginning of the show.

4.) SILVER BANSHEE, LIVE WIRE VS. THE STREAK AND GIRL OF STEEL, READY, S8FIGHT!  Both of the fight scenes had some weird moments, but put those aside and these fights were SO FUN!  Seeing everyone using their powers on one another, with the strengths and weaknesses and partnership on both sides of the fence–YES!  They also lead to Barry having an Oliver-esque big brother superhero speech with Kara that had me flailing pretty much the whole time.

3.) Barry humor, Barry humor, Barry humor!  The Flash is an infinitely lighter show that Arrow, but it certainly has its heavy moments.  Those heavy moments have been weighing on Earth 1 Barry (does that make this Earth 3?  Or in the Supergirl mythos is Kara’s Earth, Earth 1? Oiy!) considerably.  With that, it was so lovely to see sassy, funny, laughing Barry Allen.  I mentioned quotes earlier, and so many of Barry’s were gold.

“Talking was the wrong choice, I see that now.”

“Whaddaya say we step away from the nice lady and we settle this like women? … What? There’s more of you than there is me.”

Yes. So much yes, to all of it.  Kara and Barry team ups all day every day immediately please and thank you!

S12.) I mentioned ‘vs fatigue’ earlier as well.  I don’t know about y’all, but I am so over watching my heroes fight.  Whatever happened to the heroes fighting the bad guys?  Cat immediately tries to paint The Flash as a competitor for Supergirl, and they’re both so quick to shoot it down.  World’s finest indeed, everyone.  World’s. Finest. Indeed.

S101.) As a certain media leader recently said in a what shall go un-named film, ‘This isn’t 1938 anymore’.  The statement is true in the literal, but it seems to me that in the trials and tribulations of our current world, what the ‘S’ stands for becomes more important than it’s ever been.  To some it means hope, to others better together, and to many it means both.  Tonight the real heroes weren’t Supergirl or The Flash, it was the people of National City.

The moment I caught on to what was happening tears started streaming down my face.  It was such a beautiful, poignant moment for the series.  Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it’s squaring your shoulders, looking at the danger and telling it ‘Not today.  Not in my city’.  Tonight, humanity stood in defense of an alien, protecting their protector against the very foes they just watched take her down.  When Kara was in need, the real heroes, the ones who run into danger without super powers saved her life, and it was perfect.

Better together.


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