The Walking Dead 6.12 “Not Tomorrow Yet” Top 5

This week we are back to an action packed episode. Rick brings the options to the group at Alexandria and they decide to go to Negan’s compound to take care of him and the Saviors, and to get back the Hilltopper Craig, as promised. The group forms a plan and moves into action quickly. There’s some emotional scenes, some quite disturbing scenes, a lot of action packed scenes, and definitely some heavy moments. Here are my top 5 from “Not Tomorrow Yet.”


  1. Morgan

Previously on tMorgan and Rickhe show, Morgan has shown that he is inclined to not kill anything if he doesn’t have to. In the midseason premiere, he even apologized before killing a walker. This seems to clash with everyone else in our group, particularly Carol. His lack of willingness to kill when it is necessary almost got him, Carol, Denise, Eugene, Rosita, and Tara killed. If Denise had gone with the Wolf or been killed on the way, she wouldn’t have been able to save Carl either.

We learn that Carol and Morgan haven’t talked in weeks. No one has told Rick about what happened with the Wolf; Carol told everyone to keep it quiet. When confronted by Morgan, Carol still doesn’t want to talk to him.

When Rick gathers the group together in the church in this episode to tell them all about the Hilltop and Negan and the Saviors, Rick doesn’t think twice about the plan of killing all the Saviors. Morgan stands up and asks Rick if talking to them and reasoning with them would be a better approach. He offers that “Where there is life, there is possibility.” While arguing his case, he tells Rick that “they come back when they’re dead, and I don’t mean as walkers.” He knows the internal struggle, the morals, the guilt of  killing people. He doesn’t want any more of that. Rick offers Morgan’s suggestion to the group. Aaron stands up and says “What happened here, I won’t let that happen again.” Everyone is in for taking the fight to the Savior.

As Rick walks out of the church, he tells everyone that not everyone has to kill, but to stay in Alexandria, they all have to accept it. He gives Morgan a glare.


Later in the episode, we see Morgan welding something. While examining it, he looks distraught, bothered and distracted by the conversation, by what happened with Carol and the Wolf.  We never get to see what he is working on. Is it something to help the group? Is it protection? What could he be working on? Is he turning to their way of thinking? Or is he retreating further into his own ideology?

  1. Abraham and Rosita

Abraham and Rosita have been an item since we met them a couple of seasons ago, bRositaut Abraham’s internal struggle has been building for a couple of episodes now. In the previous episode, at the Hilltop, he has a moment of clarity while being choked. He’s finally able to make his decision. He’s leaving Rosita. She sees him packing all of his stuff. When he tells her that he’s leaving her, she’s upset and furious, she asks him why. We get yet another Abrahamlet line (Thanks to Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead for coining that phrase), “Why are dingleberries brown? That’s just the way shit is.” He’s a little unnecessarily cruel and tells her that “When I met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth. You’re not.” I’m not exactly surprised with Abraham’s lack of eloquence in the matter, but I’m a bit surprise in how cruelly he burned this bridge. It seemed that Abraham still had feelings for Rosita in some form, so why would he be so terrible to her in the break up? Was it just Abraham being Abraham? Was he worried about the upcoming fight? Is he trying to thoroughly burn that bridge? Will he make a move with Sasha?

  1. Scary Rick

We have seen Rick’s evolution over these 6 seasons. Not much of what Rick does surprises us anymore (well, me at least). However, in this episode, we get an outsiders  perspective. They have the Hilltopper, Andy with them. The Hilltop has been pretty secluded it sounds like. While Andy has gone on some runs, he’s dealt with the Saviors and their runs, it sounds like he hasn’t experienced some of the things our group has. Rick’s plan was to find a walker that looks similar to Hilltop’s leader, Gregory, to provide to the Saviors to get Craig back. When they find a walker that looks close, Jesus says that Gregory’s nose is a different shape. Rick picks up the severed head and punches it in the nose a few times. He tells Andy, whose hand is wrapped in bandages, to tell the Saviors that Gregory fought back. Andy broke Gregory’s nose. Gregory broke Andy’s hand.

The plan made sense to me. It seemed like a good way to get into Negan’s compound. But at the site of Rick punching, Andy says “The Saviors? They’re scary. But those pricks got nothing on you.” He’s a bit horrified by what Rick has done and is willing do for this plan. Have we been desensitized to Rick and what he has done? Has us living in this world with Rick and his group made us ok with way more than others are ok with? It was a bit sobering to get an outsider’s perspective on this group, on Rick, on this plan.


  1. Massacre at the compound

In last week’s episode, to get food and other supplies, Rick and the group blindly agreed to get the Hilltopper Craig back and to take care of Negan. Without almost no information, Rick and the group were confident that they could take out Negan and the Saviors.

walker head

Consulting with Andy to gain a bit of information and working with him to get Craig back, our group devises a plan to get on the compound. The plan involves chopping off a walkers head that looks that Gregory, punching this severed walker head to break its nose, handing over this walker’s head to a couple of Saviors to pass it off as Gregory’s, and the Alexandrians infiltrating the compound to kill everyone there. In the church meeting, Rick makes sure that they all know that all the Saviors must die.  Rick, Glenn, and Heath kill some Saviors in their sleep. As Saviors wake up, the group starts to dispatch them with their huge assault weapons. I’m not sure how many Saviors our group kills, but it looks like quite a few. The compound seems to be clear.

As dawn breaks on the compound, we haven’t lost a single Alexandrian in this fight. This seems too easy. This is not how The Walking Dead usually goes for the group that we’re rooting for. Of course, we don’t get off that easily. At the end of the episode, there’s one guy that tries to ride away but the gang takes him down (doesn’t kill him). He has a radio on him and a voice issues from it, telling the group to put the weapons down. They don’t, of course; that is until the voice says they have “a Carol and a Maggie.” What will happen to Maggie and Carol? There’s other Saviors left too. How many?


  1. Glenn and Heath

glenn and heath

I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, and it was a little surprising to me that Glenn has yet to kill a living person. He’s been a bad ass and dispatched so many walkers and saved so many people. It’s never occurred to me that he hadn’t killed a person. Prior to going to Negan’s compound, Heath and Glenn are out searching for a Gregory-look-alike walker and have a touching conversation about preparing themselves mentally to kill and what it will be like. Both of them are nervous (more likely scared) to kill a living person.

In the compound, these two peel off together. They enter a room and find 2 sleeping Saviors. Glenn steps up to one while Heath centers himself a bit and keeps a look out. Glenn takes out his knife, takes a deep breath and kills the guy in his sleep. You can see the impact it has on Glenn. He takes a second to take it in, to really feel the weight of what he has just done. Then he moves on. When it’s Heath’s turn to kill the other Savior, Glenn steps up and moves him out of the way. Glenn spares Heath this weight and kills the other Savior.

As they move through the compound, they are chased by a few other Saviors, they stumble into a room, slam the door shut behind them. They have found the armory, they take up a couple of huge guns, and fire them through the door. When they open the door, they see the Saviors that they have killed, covered in blood. They are quite disturbed by what they see on the other side of that door, what they have done to these people. This was quite the heavy scene and it was heartbreaking to see Glenn and Heath hit that hard.

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