The Walking Dead 6×15 “East” Top 5

The penultimate episode of season 6 did not disappoint. It set up so many dominoes, and we’ll get to see them all fall down in next week’s 90 minute finale. Our characters are spread out across the map. Carol has fled Alexandria. Daryl leaves on his own mission. Morgan and Rick go searching for Carol. Rosita, Glenn, and Michonne go out after Daryl. With so many of our top characters outside the walls, that leaves Alexandria a little bit vulnerable. This was a perfectly done episode to set up the intense 90-minute finale that’s to come. Here are my top 5 moments from “East.”


  1. Sasha and Abraham

I’m going to start this with one of the tiny moments of happiness from last night’s episode. Since we met Abraham and Rosita, they have been an item. It’s been a long time. They were together, essentially, because of the circumstances of what the world has come to. But they both seemed rather happy and content together. However, Abraham has developed feelings for Sasha, and Sasha seems to be reciprocating those feelings.

I do feel bad for Rosita. It has to hurt being dumped in the apocalypse and having to see your ex with his new girl basically everywhere you go, as the community is really tiny. However, I do love that Abraham and Sasha are getting together because it’s their choice, rather than just being together as a default of circumstances. It’s nice to see.

I also love the softer moment at the end of the episode between Abraham and Rick, talking about them loving these women and it making them scared and vulnerable about what’s to come. It seems to have given Abraham a new lease on life though, as he proclaims that he’s “ready to tear the world a brand new ass hole.”


  1. Rick and Morgan

rick and morgan

The battle of ideologies between Morgan and Carol has been going on for most of this season. Carol has stepped out of Alexandria essentially because she has conceited her point. She can no longer kill like she used to. With her gone, Rick seems to have stepped into her place. We see Morgan and Rick go off to find Carol in this episode, and they seem to have picked up the same battle. Rick was about to kill a random guy they found on a farm, with literally no information. He actually took a shot, but Morgan bumped his arm to make him miss. Will any of this conversation, any of Morgan’s words affect Rick going forward? Will Rick’s attitude and strength have any effect on Morgan as we head to battle for the finale?

Both of them were brilliant and I love the dialogue between these two throughout the whole episode. There are so many great moments and memorable quotes. When they come across the scene of Carol’s destruction of the Saviors, Rick says “That woman; she’s a force of nature.”

The ideology battle is brought up again when discussing Carol and what she has done and Rick says “She could, because she had to.”

Rick on why he’s out looking for Carol; “I’m out here because she’s my family.”

Morgan confesses to Rick that he kept that Wolf alive inside of Alexandria. He tells Rick that the Wolf saved Denise, who then saved Carl. It’s a circle and all life is precious.

Rick tells Morgan that if what Carol had done at the prison happened today, that he would thank Carol or he would’ve done it himself.

These are two titans of the apocalypse and they view it all from completely different sides of this spectrum. Which one is right? Which side are you on? Or do we need a little bit of both to bring balance to the Force?


  1. Maggie

Maggie is stepping up, steeling herself up for the battle to come. She is worried that Alexandria is going to be attacked, so she’s doing everything she can to prepare herself and her community for when it comes. With all the people stepping out this episode, she takes up more guard duty time so she can keep watch. She took some weapons from the armory and hides them, so that any people that come and attack cannot find them but the Alexandrians will know where they are. As a part of making herself the warrior that she needs to be, she has Enid come over and chop off a whole bunch of her hair. “ I have to keep going and I don’t want anything in my way.”

As her and Enid are having a cute moment together here, Maggie clutches at her stomach and doubles her, shouting in pain. What is happening? Is Maggie ok? Is the baby ok? What does this mean for her? There’s no Denise to help her.

SPOILER alert (I want to mention something from the comics…if you don’t want some potential spoilers, skip to the next section!) —- I believe that Maggie is taking on this transformation, she’s building herself up because she fears an attack and she wants to be ready. What I think is actually happening, is she’s preparing to go through this all without Glenn. In the comics, Glenn is the sacrificial lamb to Negan. With how this episode left off, with Glenn tied up in the Saviors possession, I think that the show just might follow the comics in that regard. I’m scared for Glenn. I’m scared for Maggie.


  1. Carol


Carol leaves Alexandria because she doesn’t want to kill any more. She takes the porcupine car and hits the road. The problem is, she runs into Saviors almost immediately, and ends up having to kill them. She was prepared for it though, by having a gun sewn into her sleeve.

What I loved about this scene is that we get to see the truth behind Carol a little bit. In episode 6×13, “The Same Boat,” when Carol and Maggie are held hostage by the Saviors, we see Carol have a panic attack. There’s some question behind whether Carol was actually breaking down, actually having a crisis of conscience or if she was putting on a show to lull the Saviors into a false sense of security. In “East,” we get the answer to that question. Carol once again faces Saviors and the prospect of most likely having to kill or be killed, and again, she cries and has a minor panic attack. But again, she steps up to the plate and does what she needs to do to survive.

She slips away after this and is gone. Morgan and Rick search for her with no luck in this episode. Where has she gone? Will Morgan find her? Will she come back?


  1. DARYL!!!


No. nononononononono. Nope. I don’t even know what to say about the parting shots of this episode.

Earlier in the episode, Daryl has fled Alexandria on his motorcycle without telling anyone anything. Luckily, Rosita knows where he’s going. He’s gone off to track down the Saviors, to get revenge on Dwight and the rest for what they have done. He is angry. He blames himself for what happened. He should’ve killed Dwight way back when he had the chance. It’s not often that we see Daryl lit up with so much passion energy. Typically he’s one that’s a little more even-keeled; not in this episode though.

He has recklessly gone off in search of Saviors, more specifically…Dwight. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita have gone after him. And the whole mess gets all 4 of them in some really deep trouble. Glenn and Michonne are tied up, in the Saviors’ possession. The very last shots of this episode show Daryl and Rosita being found by Dwight…..and Dwight shooting Daryl. There was definitely blood from that shot. Was it a head shot? Was it in the shoulder? What is Daryl’s fate?!?!? I can’t do this.  I don’t want to wait a week!!


Looking ahead…

Next week is the finale of season 6. In the “next time on…” preview, there’s shots of Negan…and Lucille. We finally get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan!!! Morgan is out on the hunt for Carol. Rick has made it back to Alexandria. However, we saw one of Carol’s Saviors survived and started to follow Morgan and Rick. Is he still following Morgan? Did he follow Rick back to Alexandria? Maggie is building herself into a warrior, but we leave off her story line with her clutching her stomach, doubled up in pain. Is she ok? Is the baby ok? Can Enid help her? Glenn, Michonne, Rosita are definitely in some deep trouble. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO DARYL?!?!?!?


There are SO many questions to be answered, so many dominos have been set up this episode. Next week’s finale is 90 minutes long and is going to hurt….a lot.

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