The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5

This week on The 100 we were delivered a gritty, revealing and intriguing episode from powerhouse team Shawna and Julie Benson that made me a feel a little nostalgic (all the innocent 100). In Join or Die: Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper headed to the ocean in search of Luna, and ALIE wrecked havoc in Polis. Here is The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5.

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5

Our real enemy is out there
Murphy made an incredibly important point: The enemy of the enemy is my friend. If the grounders and “unchipped” Arkers want their people to live and to defeat ALIE, Jaha and the City of Light they are going to have to work together. Sometimes, in war you have to set aside your differences and work together to defeat the common enemy. This is one of those times.

Murphy has arguably had one of the strongest character developments of the series. He is still a bit of an asshole, but he is an asshole you can empathise with. The Murphy of Season 1 would have let Pike die. However, Murphy is an incredibly intelligent character and he understands that they do need to work together despite their differences. He clearly is not a fan of Pike but he does understand that Pike is not stupid. Pike and Indra would do well to take into consideration what he says, particularly considering he understands the history of the Commander. He is far more intelligent than people give him credit for and he should not be underestimated.

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5
Welcome to Earth Skills
I was sceptical about having the flashbacks in this week’s episode. However, they turned out to be poignant, reflective and revealing and they served a clear purpose. Whilst I despise Pike and many of the decisions that Pike has made I have a newfound respect for him in his outright refusal to swallow the chip. It also intrigued me that Pike was so reluctant to send The 100 to the ground without warning and was so outspoken against Kane and Jaha’s actions, I was not anticipating that reaction from him. Whilst seeing more behind Pike’s character did not drastically change my opinion of him, I am considering him in a new light and I am interested to see how his relationship with Indra will develop now they know they must work together to defeat the common enemy.

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5
He’s strong
Alongside Murphy, Marcus Kane has probably had one of the most dramatic character developments of the show. He has grown from entitled and uncaring follower into an empathetic, and independently thinking leader. The lengths of torture he endured to resist the chip was admirable. However, Jaha knew that his love for Abby was his weakness and in the end Marcus succumbed to the chip to save the woman he loves.

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5
Bellamy and Clarke have not always seen eye to eye, but it has always been clear since season 1 that together they balance each other out and they make a formidable team. Now that they have cleared the air about Clarke leaving and acknowledged that they are both working to forgive themselves for past events, they can move forward and rebuild the trust between them. With Abby and Kane no longer in a capacity to be leaders, like Season 1 Clarke and Bellamy step up again and lead and defeat ALIE.

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5
Side Notes
– Bellamy Blake hates himself more than he hates anybody else.
– I’m really enjoying the back half of this season, it feels so much stronger than the first. I am definitely enjoying all the parallels to Season 1.
– “I thought you were crazy, but now I know you are” – Best thing Pike has said.
– I hope that Octavia is now able to slowly start to forgive herself (definitely think she’s blames herself) and Bellamy. She would make a great diplomat between clans.

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