Agents of SHIELD 3.16 “Paradise Lost” Top 5

This week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD was a bit lighter on the action and a lot heavier on the information. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t still amazing. It was a great episode in which we learned a lot about Malick’s past, Lincoln’s past, Hive and what he….it?…may have planned. Here are my picks for the top 5 moments of “Paradise Lost.”

5. Malick revealed

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Throughout the series, Malick has been in a position of power. He has proverbially been at the top of the food chain. In “Paradise Lost,” we see him fall from the top and what caused that.

The Malicks have been a part of the Inner Circle for many many generations. It involved picking stones to see who would be the “traveller” that was sent through the liquid rock to Planet Hydra. We learn that with swapping in his own marked rock, Gideon’s father knew that he would never be the one chosen to travel to the alien planet.

Gideon and his brother found this out and promised each other that they would not be like their father. They would never cheat like he did. When it came time for them to select a new traveller, Gideon proved to be much like his father. Gideon had kept the marked stone so that he would also never be selected as the traveller. Unfortunately, this meant that his brother Nate got the marked white stone. Nate knew that Gideon had cheated, had betrayed his trust, and therein…Nate was the traveller and was sent to the alien planet.

With Hive retaining the memories of the vessels that it has inhabited, it has Nate’s memories and it remembers Gideon’s betrayal. To balance the scales, to teach Gideon what true sacrifice really means, Hive kills Stephanie, Gideon’s daughter.

Mr. Giyera seems to have rescinded his loyalty to Gideon. He is now loyal to Hive.

We also learn that when Gideon was touched by the Inhuman Charles in last week’s episode, he saw his own death, he felt it. He knows that it was Hive that kills him.

From powerful and confident to scared and vulnerable, Gideon Malick has fallen a long ways in this episode.

4. Kree Orb


Lincoln and Daisy go talk to an Inhuman that Lincoln knew from Afterlife; James. James was grumpy. He was never given his Inhuman powers. While at Afterlife however, James would talk about an ancient being from another planet that would make its return to earth. Lincoln figures that James might have some information for them on what Ward has become.

In exchange for a Terrigen crystal which would activate James’ powers, James hands over some crazy looking orb that Daisy identifies as Kree in origin. What is this weird orb thing? What does it do? Is this orb what leads to Daisy’s vision of the death of an agent? Will it help to send Hive back to the alien planet? Maybe help to kill him? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

3. Lincoln revealed

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.55.56 AMIn “Paradise Lost,” we get a little more background on Lincoln. We get a further glimpse into his rough past. Before he was brought to Afterlife, before he was given his powers, Lincoln explains that he had felt a void in his life, which had tried to fill with vodka. One night, he and his girlfriend got into a fight. He got into his car to drive away. She got in the car with him, trying to talk to him down maybe or trying to help him. What happened instead was the car ended up wrapped around a telephone pole. His girlfriend was nearly dead. In that moment, Gordon from Afterlife came and saved him and his girlfriend. At Afterlife, Lincoln finally felt that the void in his life might be filled one day.

It seems that Lincoln has a bit of a rockier past than I originally thought. He definitely made some poor choices that almost resulted in the loss of himself and of his girlfriend.

2. Hive Revealed

Hive RevealedWe learn a whole lot about Hive in this week’s episode.

The way he is killing people and leaving behind gooey skeletons is by using organisms. Essentially they are parasites that he releases that consume the body. Simmons thinks that Hive isn’t just controlling these little organisms, that he is the organisms. He is essentially a parasite.

With all of the takeovers that are going on, Simmons realizes that Hive and Hydra have been studying invasive species. So….a parasite studying invasive species and how they spread and take over. Great.

Hive maintains the memories of the people that he has used as hosts. In this case, we know that means Nate Malick and Grant Ward. Nate Malick’s memories come to bite Gideon in the ass. They cost him his daughter and the wrath of Hive. What will Hive do with Ward’s memories? What kind of havoc will he be able to cause SHIELD? This is definitely bad news for SHIELD agents.

Hive finally reveals his physical form in this episode. He has gathered the Inner Circle at the Malick’s home. When they scoff and say that it’s just Grant Ward, he tells them to “see and believe.” We only get to see a bit of side profile and back of his head. To me, it essentially looks like Hive’s head is the Hydra symbol or some spawn of Davy Jones.

1. Secret Warrior’s Initiative

The gang manages to knock Mr. Giyera out and get him in a containment cell, which is on their aircraft. Unfortunately for them, this doesn’t last long and Giyera manages to break out of the cell. He takes on the team with his powers and makes in into the control room of the plane. Using his powers, he takes control of it and lands them in some weird bunker.

May and the rest of the team seem to be injured from their very intense and unplanned landing in this bunker. May gathers herself together and radios to Daisy for help. She doesn’t get a whole lot of information out before she is stopped. Daisy and Lincoln know that the whole rest of the team is on that plane and that they are all in trouble. It lies with them to help out.

Daisy and Lincoln decide to call upon the Secret Warriors Initiative to help them out of this bind. Unfortunately, the rally and fight has to wait until next week.

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