Agents of SHIELD 3.17 “The Team” Top 5

Secret Warriors

Ho-ly Mo-ly! What an episode! Agents of SHIELD is getting better and better. “The Team” was a magnificent episode; probably one of my favorites of the series. It provided us with some great action from the Secret Warriors. We learned a whole lot more about Hive. There were some amazing FitzSimmons moments that made me squee with happiness. And there was even a great murder-mystery “whodunit” plot that twisted at the end of the episode. Here are my top 5 moments from “The Team.”


5. Malick is dead

SHIELD has captured Malick. He doesn’t seem too upset about it. He is terrified of Hive and what that monster is capable of. He is angry because Malick not only “sacrificed” his brother, Hive also took his daughter Stephanie from him.

Malick has spent his life dedicated to Hydra and to bringing Hive back to earth. And as he says, “I can’t believe my last rodeo is going to be with SHIELD.” The power and evil of Hive has turned him away from this path. He decides to help SHIELD take down Hive. In talking with Coulson, we know that Gideon believes Hive to be a god (“just not ours”). He tells Coulson “I believed that I could resurrect a god, instead I freed the devil.” Malick warns Coulson not to trust the Inhumans as they will turn against him. He tells them of the infection that Hive can spread to the mind’s of the Inhumans.

He manages to give SHIELD a bit of good information. But before he can be of any more use, Daisy, infected by Hive, kills him and tries to cover it up.

This brings up an interesting point. When Charles the Inhuman touched Malick, Gideon saw his death at the hands of Hive. We got to see the flash that Gideon saw, Hive pouring the infection into Malick. But his death actually came from Daisy smashing him against a wall. Now, technically this isn’t the death that Gideon saw in the vision. So, does that mean that Charles’ visions don’t necessarily have to come true? Or was it still technically at the hands of Hive (through controlling Daisy), so his vision still sort of did come true?

What does this mean for Daisy’s vision?! Will it still come true? Which SHIELD member dies? Can it be changed?

4. Inhuman Infection

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.40.00 AM

With Malick’s information in this episode, we learn that Hive is capable of infecting the Inhumans and controlling them. Malick tells Coulson that Hive did that with Giyera and Lucio. They left Malick and followed Hive.

After attacking Lincoln earlier in the episode, Joey had killed Lucio. His body temperature was still pretty normal, even hours after death. Simmons realizes that there is still metabolic activity going on. FitzSimmons performs an autopsy on him and realizes that there is indeed an infection in his brain.

So, they know that Hive can infect the Inhumans and control them. They can detect it by opening the skull and checking on the brain. But they have no way of testing for or detecting it while the person is still alive. Without knowing that, they also have no way of developing a cure.

Until now, the Inhumans seemed like the best defense against Hive. They have powers. They could potentially take him on together. But now, they can’t go anywhere near Hive. They could get infected and Hive could control them.

After confirming this, Coulson tries to lock the Secret Warriors up in the base until they can figure out a test and a cure. They can’t go on any more missions. They are contained in the base.

With the Inhumans out of the equation for now, how will SHIELD take down Hive?



In the midst of chaos and confusion, in the middle of betrayal and destruction, FitzSimmons having their moment made my heart soar!! It was such an adorable and perfect moment and Fitz is the greatest. They work together in this episode. They find the infection that Hive as left Lucio with. They sit together and try to figure out a test for Hive’s infection. Simmons wants to help their friends. As she is despairing and feeling helpless, Fitz cheers her up. He jokes around. He holds her hand. They KISS! Fitz apologizes for “rushing things” but Simmons is ready to go for it. I guess some things are inevitable!

2. Secret Warriors

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.17.42 AM

It appears that this week’s mission was their first and their last mission. They teamed up well. They stormed the base. They took out a bunch of Hydra people. Joey took down Lucio. Lincoln captured Malick. They saved the rest of the SHIELD team. It was a great victory for them.

But it was quite short-lived. Just as they arrive back at the base, they start to argue with each other. With Malick’s information and the lock down of the base, the 4 of them turn on one another, accusing everyone of being the “inside man” of Hive’s. Daisy tells them that she is going to lead them out of the base a secret way. It turns out that she led them right into the containment cells. They are all locked up separately. Yoyo is pissed at Mack and the rest of the SHIELD. She wants nothing to do with it. Joey is pissed at being locked up, at how SHIELD is treating them. He wants to leave. None of them are happy in the least bit. Will they ever be able to work together again? For SHIELD?

1. Daisy Infected

Daisy Infected

In previous episodes, they’ve shown Daisy going a bit rogue, going against the typical SHIELD ways. This episode, she’s completely gone. Of course, this is because she is the Inhuman that was infected by Hive. While on their mission to get the team back, Hive found Daisy and infected her. She is now under his control.

She used Lincoln’s temper against him, to make Coulson and everyone else believe that it was Lincoln that was infected. She was the one that killed Malick to stop him from talking and giving SHIELD any more information. She locks down all of the base’s security, since she’s the one that programmed it.

When she goes to Lincoln’s containment cell, she tries to break him out, tries to get him to go with her. But she reveals everything that she has done. She reveals that she has betrayed him. She used his anger against him. She’s on Hive’s side. She tries to tell Lincoln that the infection “fills the emptiness” that they had spoken of before. “It’s beautiful” she tells him. She has never been happier. When Lincoln tells her no, she says “We care about you.” We?? We!? No.

Before she leaves the base, she steals the weird Kree orb and a whole mess of Terrigen and then with her powers, she begins tearing the base down. The roof collapses on the SHIELD fleet of aircraft and vehicles. Coulson is buried and all the others are down there too.

What does this mean for SHIELD? What does this mean for Daisy? What does it mean for Hive?

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