Fandom of the Month Box Review: April

Fandom of the Month Box is a monthly subscription box that runs $13.00/month (before shipping costs) and sends you a box of jewelry and trinkets themed along one “fandom”.

I recently decided that a monthly box subscription would be a good way to reward myself for accomplishing some goals, and honestly, I was just having a “treat yoself” moment. As I searched for a box to buy myself, I found myself wishing there were more detailed reviews out there for boxes. A friend of mine had already subscribed to the “Fandom of the Month” box, and I was consistently envious of her adorable spoils, so I decided to buck up the cash and try it out. I found that I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality and quantity of items received in my box.


April’s fandom was “The Chronicles of Narnia”. This is a series of books and films I grew up on from an early age, as I was raised in a religious household and C.S. Lewis is a role model citizen in the world of religious nerds. Even though I enjoy the series, I would not rate it as one of my favorite fandoms. Still, I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the box. As you can see from the picture, in the box I received an adorable canvas bag to hold the jewelery, a pair of lion earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. The cute lion picture present is a magnet. All items were wrapped up in tissue paper, and overall was packaged very well.





The lion earrings are by far my favorite item from the box. What you can’t tell from the picture is that the posts actually go through the back of your ear. This took a little getting used to as I don’t have any other earrings with this design, but given the shape and weight of the posts I think it’s actually quite genius. I am not sure of the material, but as Fandom of the Month has made it clear they cannot guarantee any materials for allergy purposes, I wouldn’t recommend the box to those with ultra sensitive skin. Overall they are adorable, and I can see using them for other themed outfits as well, as I associate lions with Gryffindors and Lannisters as well.





The detail on the wardrobe necklace was very surprising. I tried to highlight it here, but you may not be able to see it. It’s an exact replica of the door used in the films, and upon opening it, you see a winter scene with a lamp post, in case you couldn’t place the imagery before. I really like that it is held together with a magnet, so I have no concerns about the locket portion opening unintentionally. I also appreciate that the brass style of the material matches the lion earrings above.




The last major piece of the box was the bracelet, which features 7 charms with images of the original book covers. These were the covers of the books I grew up reading, so nostalgia plays a part in my enjoyment of this piece.  My one complaint was that I struggled to get the bracelet attached due to the placement of the clip next to a charm. That being said, the bracelet is beautiful and very light on the wrist. Each charm is a small work of art, and I can tell I will wear it frequently.



Overall, I am highly pleased with my purchase of fandom of the month. I got some adorable geeky new jewlery, and I cannot wait to see what next month’s fandom will be. For the price, the surprise, and the quality of products, I’d highly recommend this one to anyone with an interest in geeky bobbles.

You can currently subscribe to receive the May box here:

Shannon Bee

Shannon's geekiness began at an early age, growing up surrounded by Star Wars and Star Trek, and an obsession over Batman which continues to this day. She has delved into nearly every type of geekdom, including LARPs, gaming of both the video and board types, books, television, movies, and comic books. Sassiness and feminism abound in her musings, but she always seeks first to bring a smile to other's faces.

Shannon has a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies from the University of Northern Colorado, where she composed her award winning and nationally presented senior thesis titled "Behind the Shield and Under the Sheets: Sex and Sexuality in a Live Action Role Playing Game"
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