Game of Thrones 6.01 “The Red Woman” Top 5

Season 6  of Game of Thrones is finally upon us and this episode was busy tying up plot lines from last season finale. While not a groundbreaking episode, it served its main purpose pushing characters forward and setting the stage for what is sure to be an epic season. Here are my Top 5 moments from the first episode in season 6 of Game of Thrones “The Red Woman”

5. The Coup of Dorne
Unexpectedly, we have already reached our first surprising death down in the southern area of Dorne. This plot line barely made the Top 5, because it is not really that interesting. Some will disagree, but overall it seemed Doran Martell was a good leader of Dorne. We’ve seen no evidence to support otherwise, however Ellaria stated otherwise as her motivation for a murder. Ellaria Sand led the coup as a revenge plot against the brother of her lover, who died leading a revenge plot against the Mountain who killed his loved ones who had nothing to do with the original war. Maybe it is a bit of intentional irony, but having Ellaria Sand in control of Dorne and their army will hopefully lead to more eventful things in the future.

4. Daenerys is safe…kind of

Dany found herself in front of Khal Moro, the Dothraki tribe leader. When tossing around all of her titles didn’t work, she dropped Khal Drogo’s name and law prohibits any harm to be done to a Khal’s window. Unfortunately, that also means she’ll be finding her way to Vaes Dothrak, which is left to speculation but could be paradise but most likely won’t be.


3. Tyrion and Varys
Tyrion Versys

Fan favorite Tyrion is in Meereen where he’s been left in charge of keeping the city running. Varys is still by his side and it’s hard to imagine two people better suited to help run a city. Tyrion has always shown he’s the best Lannister and at this point, it is probably a stretch even calling him by that name since his sudden departure from the mainland at the end of season 4. While nothing particularly exciting happened it’s always good to see these guys on-screen, and the scene ended strong with their fleet being burned to pieces as Tyrion noted they wouldn’t be returning to Westeros anytime soon. Ultimately, a lot of fans are waiting for Dany to make a triumphant return to the mainland in order to take back the throne. Looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer. While we’re waiting, we should be wondering who burned all the boats.

2. Jon Snow is still dead
The ultimate betrayal left Jon Snow laying in a snowy pile of his own blood at the end of Season 5. So the episode started with Jon Snow laying in a snowy pile of his own blood, but this time Ghost’s whining led Davos to find Jon (Davos seemed to notice something in the blood, or that there wasn’t enough?) There seems to still be a few good men left and they’re now locked in a room defending Jon Snow’s body while, one of their own is off trying to find help (read: wildlings) to take down the usurpers (YES!!!). In an interesting turn of events Davos knows they’re going to need the help of the Red Woman even though he dislikes her because he’s going to need the help to take down that little brat Olly and the rest of the oath breaking crows.

Circling back around to end the episode we saw the red lady start to doubt herself and her faith. She’s coming from seeing Stannis the Mannis lose everything, and she mentions she saw Jon fighting at the Battle of Winterfell in the flames, when he now lies dead. She’s been very faithful to”The Lord of Light” but so far she has nothing to show for it. The end of the episode finished with her removing her clothing and revealing her true self as what looked like a 900 year old lady. And if you don’t remember the crazy shadow baby in the earlier seasons, then this was a quick reminder that she actually does have powers. Hopefully, they’ll soon be used to bring back our favorite bastard.

1. Sansa finally has something to smile about
Sansa Theon
Sansa Stark. Poor Sansa Stark. She’s been through a lot and it just never got better for her. She’s dealt with Joffery, Ramsey, Little Finger, and numerous other battles. When we saw her last season she was jumping off her original home of Winterfell with none other than Reek. Turns out Bolton’s men were following closely with disappearing hounds and just as they were about to claim their Sansa prize, Brienne & Pod showed up just in time slay the bad guys. Finally, put a W in the win column for Sansa as she seemingly gathered was is just the beginning of her new entourage. Brienne took an oath to Sansa (with a little help from Pod) and good things finally happened to good people, and that feels good.


Odds & Ends
Blind Arya

With tons of story lines going on within the show there is never enough time for everything. Here are some other things of note that happened.
– Jamie & Cersi are mourning the loss of their daughter.
– Arya is now a blind peasant in Bravos and is training to be Daredevil.
– Pretty Prince of Dorne was stabbed in the back of the head by the sandsisters and it was awesome.
-Jorah and Dario found Dany’s ring and hopefully are not too far behind.


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