Gotham 2.18 “Pinewood” Top 5

Taking a pause from the Riddler and Penguin story lines, this week’s Gotham puts us back on the hunt for the Waynes’ murderer. Despite some complications for Jim and a nasty realization for Bruce, “Pinewood” takes viewers one step closer to the season 2 finale. Here are my Top 5 from this week’s episode of Gotham:


5. Harvey and Barbara

Sometimes it’s the little exchanges that really make a show feel like it has fully rounded characters. The exchange between Barbara and Bullock in the hallway was a great way to showcase Barbara’s seemingly more collected and nonchalant take on life and also inject a little bit of humor into what was bound to be a much more serious episode. The real tragedy of the scene though was how Harvey managed to totally decimate the pizza he’d brought for Jim, you know there has to be tons of cheese on the lid after slamming it into the door like that. Poor pizza.


4. The Reappearance of Victor Fries


One of my biggest disappointments this season was how the Victor Fries arc was handled. After so much build up, viewers were subjected to a familiar storyline that only lasted for two episodes. It was a huge let down after the writers had been doing such an awesome job of showcasing the villains of the Batman universe. While it’s not quite clear what Mr. Freeze’s new purpose is, it’s nice to know that his story wasn’t just some throwaway filler.


3. Hugo Strange and Pinewood

Okay, so a lot of Gotham’s fans had already put two and two together and figured out that Strange was probably the guy behind the Waynes’ murders. It doesn’t stop him from being a truly phenomenal character. While many of the villains we are accustomed to seeing are motivated by hatred or greed, Strange only seems to be motivated by his own deranged curiosity- morals be damned. Each week we get more insight into just how far over the line this mad scientist is willing to go, and chances are he has no plans of stopping any time soon.


2. Not-So-Stabby Babs


I loved crazy, unhinged Stabby Babs. After enduring the whiny, clingy, dependent girlfriend and then the alcoholic, self-destructive ex-girlfriend, the absolutely insane version of Barbara was one of my favorite parts of the show. Maybe it was because I’ve always had a soft spot for Harley Quinn-esque antics, but Stabby Babs was a character I loved watching in action. So when she fell out of a window I was crushed.


Her reappearance was a high point for me (as it is when any favorite character returns), but when she ended last time on Jim’s doorstep, I was a little worried. It would’ve felt flat if Barbara had followed in Penguin’s footsteps and reverted to the helpless girlfriend type. Instead, this week’s Babs went on the offensive and I’m very happy to say that I love what the writers did with her character. It was fun guessing what side she was on, where her loyalty might lie, and just what she was going to do next. The calculating, in-control side of Barbara was also a nice treat.


1. Patient 44

The biggest appeal of Gotham, for me, is watching the writers fill in the blanks from where these characters started in season one to where we’re all pretty sure they’re going to end up in the Batman universe. So when a DC character makes an appearance it’s like an unexpected gift. The return of Patient 44, AKA Theo Galavan, wasn’t exactly something to be excited about since that arc felt pretty closed; but when he started chanting and proclaimed himself to be Azrael, it was cause for many comic fans to do a little happy dance. I may not be too keen on the idea of having Galavan back, but I’m really excited to see the return of the Order of St. Dumas and this kickass assassin.



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