Outlander 2.02 “Not In Scotland Anymore” Top 5

Hey there Outlander fans! This week’s episode was very important for storytelling. It was actually so information laden that my list items are a bit shorter than normal. I decided it was either that or overly detailed play-by-plays. As always, only continue if you have watched the episode. Spoilers ahead! Let’s get to this week’s top 5 talking points!

  1. Supporting characters continue to shine! In this episode we get to meet Prince Charlie, King Louis, Master Raymond, Mary Hawkins, Louise, and Alexander Randall. Honestly it was such a parade of new characters that I thought the episode was a little choppy for the constant scene jumping and introductions. Luckily most of them are now established and there are only one or two major introductions to come that I can think of.
  2. The dresses. I told you we would be talking more about the clothes. This episode featured two dresses that the book described in great detail and both of them paid off in the translation to the screen. Claire’s red dress was positively show stopping. Even Murtagh was drooling. I am pretty sure the scene it was revealed went something like this:
    Murtagh: Dude. Your wife is too hot. I’m outta here. Awkward!
    Jamie: No, stay, I got this. Wife you are too hot.
    Claire: I know right?!
    Jamie: You need a bigger fan to cover up.
    Claire: K. You tell yourself that.
    The other dress I was talking about is obviously the swan dress worn by the king’s mistress. I remember reading about it in the book thinking, “No! Her boobs are just hanging out there with swan piercings?” and then I saw it and realized, much like red-faced Jamie, “Yup, there they are!” I loved the interpretation of this dress because it so perfectly exemplifies the excess of the court, especially when you consider that nobody but our protagonists gave her wardrobe choice a second thought.
  3. So Jamie takes his next steps in preventing the bloodshed that Claire knows will be the uprising by meeting up with the man himself, Bonnie Prince Charlie. They meet in a brothel because that is obviously where all the rich people are. The scene is very informative in letting us know why Charles is intending to do all the things to come. It is not the most entertaining scene, but probably one of the most crucial scenes to catch viewers up. *Book fans: Was I the only one scanning the background for half the scene wondering if we might see our favorite orphan?
  4. Versailles has to be one of the most beautiful sets I have seen on television. The attention to detail was stellar. I truly felt we had traveled back in time to get there. The outdoor shots were particularly breathtaking. I loved the fireworks to finish the episode. The best part about the entire sequence is that with all the extravagance and the awestruck Scots, you still get the feeling that this is just another night hanging out with the king.
  5. Very nicely haunting the entire episode is our most hated villain, Jack Randall. We learn in the first scene that he is persisting in Jamie’s nightmares. Then right at the end of the episode we get the biggest bombshell of the season so far. Alexander Randall tells Claire that he will mention their meeting to his brother. Jack Randall is alive people! This is not a drill! He did not meet his maker under the stampeding cattle. Even though this information is not new to book fans, the reveal was different and Claire’s reaction makes it feel fresh, new and bone chilling to everyone watching.

I hope you enjoyed this recap and episode! I will be back next week, where, if the trailer can be believed, we can delight in meeting one more of those characters I mentioned at the end of item 1!

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