Supergirl 1.19 “Myriad” Top 5

Supergirl has inspired from episode 1.  Here we are on episode 19, and they’re still following their trend, and that’s exactly what someone wearing the ‘S’ on their chest is supposed to do.  ‘Myriad’ was an action packed lead in for their season finale, which, frankly, I’m not even remotely ready for.

S15.) That one time we got to see Superman… almost.  I love that they’ve kept Kal out of the mix, and I love that it’s all been on Kara, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t super bummed when they dangled him in front of us all and then took it all away!  Rude!  All the same, that doesn’t take away from the massive fangirl moment when we saw him flying toward CatCo.  We also got to see them touch on his humanity.  So many folks only see the god, but that’s not what makes Superman who he is.  It’s his humanity that makes him a hero.

4.) Meta Cat.  No, I’m not sorry that this is in my Top 5.  Cat Grant doesn’t marry older men, especially married ones!  Sorry Harrison!

3.) Sometimes my Top 5 doesn’t include the happiest of moments.  Tonight is an example of that.  Kara was too slow, and it was devastating.  She had to make a choice, and that choice resulted in human life being lost.  That moment will haunt her for the rest of her life.  It’s that very moment that pushes her to follow along with Max’s collateral damage filled plan.

2.) “Make another choice that honors your parents.  And mine.”  I love what they’ve done with Max Lord in this iteration, and I hope (yeah, I used it again, fight me) they keep him on the path he was on at the end of this episode.  He’s not wrong in the assessment that he and Kara aren’t that different, they both want the same thing, they simply have a different set of morals fueling their actions.

1.) Cat talking about what the ‘S’ means to her.  Making the hard call in spite of the fear.  Believing in the good of humanity.  The belief that it is supposed to inspire.  It’s not about fear, it’s not about rage, it’s not about the power… it’s about being stronger together than apart.  Optimism, love, and yes– hope.

The moral dilemma in the episode has Kara struggling between making the same decision her mother did and potentially losing Earth, or taking the separate path and potentially losing herself.  The House of El does not kill.  Let me repeat that again for those of you in the back:  The. House. Of. El. Does. Not. Kill.   This is what happens when there’s ‘no other option’, the writers, with enough cleverness, FIND ONE.


What were your Top 5 moments from tonight’s episode?  Are you ready for the finale?!

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