Supergirl Finale “Better Angels” Top 5

I have raved about Supergirl nearly every episode Top 5 since the pilot, and I’m happy to say that the finale is no different.  I spent much of this episode crying happy tears.  Tears of hope.  Through little hiccups, and some rough action scenes in the beginning, the show has blossomed into a full blown, alien filled, superhero show, and if this was the end, I’m thankful for what we got.  Here were my Top 5 moments of what I hope was not the final episode of my favorite new show this season.

Supergirl 95.) “I’m not trying to be an ass, I know you can handle anything.” Max helping out was one of my favorite moments of the past two episodes.  I’d love it if this new him continued, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that that’s just not going to happen.  In the meantime though, let’s just enjoy the ride, yeah?  The fact that he genuinely cares for Alex makes my heart crazy happy, and the pending doom hand holding made my little shipper heart happy.  I know, I know, things are probably going to go darkside later but STILL.

4.) Kara’s deaSupergirl 1th march of goodbyes was both touching and supremely frustrating.  The frustration wasn’t directed at her, more at all of her friends for not noticing that things were about to go down.  Thanking Wynn, telling Cat what she meant to her, pushing Jimmy away, and the look on J’onn’s face when he thought one of his girls was going off to die.  All touching and irritating in their own right, but nothing really compared to her goodbye to Alex. “Everything good that I did, it came from you being my sister” ripped my heart straight out of my chest.  It’s fine, who needs feelings?

3.) If you’ve followed along with my Supergirl coverage, you know that I’ve had a hard time with Lucy.  She’s actually been portrayed very well in the show, but my predisposition from the comics makes every small mishap much worse than it should be.  “Release him. Now.” literally make my squeal with excitement.  You know who I hate more than I hate Lucy (even in the books)?  General Lane.  General Lane is THE WORST.  Sure, he ended the finale with a decent moment, but you mark my words, his nonsense will be back up and running in no time!

Supergirl 82.) I know y’all are probably really tired of me raving about Cat Grant, but I assume you’re going to continue to put up with it since you’re still reading after 22 episodes.  She called Kara, Kara.  SHE CALLED KARA, KARA!  I spent the last 11 minutes of this episode bawling like a child because I was so happy.  Is Supergirl a little campy?  Yup.  Cheesy?  Heck yeah.  Super bright and hopeful? Yes. It is everything that it should be, and it fills me with such unadulterated bliss with every passing episode.

Cat and Kara’s relationship has been a big part of that.  I’m now pretty much convinced that Cat knows exactly who Kara is, but regardless of her motives, she gave Kara an office, helped Supergirl save the world, and Carpe’d the heck out of that Diem.

Supergirl 41.) Speaking of touching perfection– Kara’s Speech embodies everything that that symbol stands for.  It means hope.  It means that we can all be heroes.   It means that even the darkest of us, like Max, or General Lane, can band together in moments of complete despair and save the world, and it means that you don’t need superpowers to save the day.  Kara may have ended Myriad, but it was Alex that saved her.  So often people forget that what makes Kara and Clark heroes is not their superpowers, it is their humanity.   Supergirl’s finale, just like the rest of its season, encapsulated what the ‘S’ is supposed to mean.


I know we haven’t gotten a renewal yet, and I know that if you love Supergirl like I have, that’s a little disheartening, but don’t worry.  Show runners are hopeful, and it’s not over yet.  All you can do now is be there for Kara!  Let CBS know that you want to see more!

She needs our help.  She needs us to hope.

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