The Walking Dead 6×16 “Last Day on Earth” Top 8

As always, the season finale of The Walking Dead was intense and filled with scary moments. While I’m rather disappointed in the lack of an ending to the episode and to the season, I think the episode overall was a good one. We got to finally catch up with Carol. Morgan did something I wasn’t sure he was capable of. Eugene stepped up and came up with a great plan trying to save the others.  And Rick’s confidence comes around to bite him in the ass. Because this was a 90-minute finale episode, I picked a couple more top moments than usual. Here are my top 8 moments from “Last Day on Earth.”

8. Random thoughts

Daryl is alive!!! And Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita! (At least for now….)

Although the episode was full of tense and scary moments, Abraham and his lovely quotes made me laugh out loud. It also made me smile when he had a moment to talk to Sasha, and it sounds like he’s changing his mind about making pancakes.

Carl locks Enid in a closet and doesn’t seem to tell anyone. What is going to happen to her?

Gabriel has been left in charge of the defense of Alexandria. While he has been stepping up, this is still a bit worrying to me.

The Saviors’ whistling out in the woods is creepy.

  1. Morgan


Morgan and Carol have been against each other all season. I think it shows that he really does care about Carol when he offers to go out to find her and even more so when he sends Rick back and pushes on by himself. It’s been Morgan’s mantra that all life is precious. He doesn’t want to kill anything if he can help it. He even apologized when he had to kill the Wolf that had turned into a walker. However, when push came to shove last night, when it was either watch Carol get killed or kill the Savior, Morgan stepped up to save Carol and shot the Savior 6 times.

Morgan’s circle comes back around when the guy that he saved from Rick’s bullet comes along and offers help to him and Carol. Of course, we have no idea if these strangers can be trusted, but that’s an answer for next season, I suppose.


  1. Carol


Morgan finally catches up to Carol. She’s curled up on some stairs, not moving at all. She’s hurt. Throughout the episode, we learn just how broken she is inside. She doesn’t want Morgan around. She doesn’t want his help. She doesn’t want to go back. She reiterates her point of leaving because she cares but she can’t kill anymore.

As she sneaks away from Morgan, the Savior that has been stalking her catches up to her. He shoots her in the arm and wants to watch her die. While lying there, in pain, she starts to laugh. She says “I’m going to die. There’s nothing wrong with me anymore.” He shoots her again and after a minute starts to walk away from her. Because she’s so broken, she starts to antagonize him. She’s trying to get him to come back to her, to finish the job he started. In this moment, she is ready to die. I think she actually wants to die. Carol manages to hit a nerve with the Savior and he comes back at her, ready to kill her. But Morgan finds them and kills the Savior.


  1. Eugene


I loved Eugene’s moments in this episode. When the odds are stacked WAY against them, Eugene comes up with the plan to get the others to run through the woods to try to avoid the Saviors while Eugene drives the RV to the next spot. As they depart, there is a great moment here between Rick and Eugene, where Eugene hands over the “bullet making 101” information to Rick, just in case something were to happen.  But the best moment was between Eugene and Abraham. Abraham finally acknowledges that Eugene is strong, smart, and capable. He tells Eugene “You are a survivor. You always were. I just didn’t know it.” They hug it out and go their separate ways, not knowing if it’s their last goodbye or not.


  1. Maggie and Rick

Maggie is in the RV, on their way to see the doctor at the Hilltop. Maggie is sad. She’s scared. She’s pessimistic. Rick comes back, holds her hand and makes sure that she knows that everything is going to be ok. He says some really powerful things, the best of which was “As long as it’s all of us together, we can do anything.” Now, that may not be exactly true, but these two have been through a lot together; Lori, Hershel, Beth, the prison, the Greene farm, the Governor. They’ve made it through all of that because they’ve always had a great group of people helping them, being there for them. As long as the group sticks together, they have the best chance they can muster in making through some of the dark times ahead. With what they’ve been through in their past, Maggie just looks at him and says “I believe in you, Rick.”


  1. The Saviors

saviorsThis episode showed us just how large and organized the Saviors and Negan actually are. Rick and the gang thought they had wiped them out when they attacked that compound, but that was clearly just a small portion of them. After losing that group of them, which seemed to be somewhere around 15 or so, The Saviors are still able to block multiple routes from Alexandria to the Hilltop. They are able to make a “red rover” line of walkers to block a route. They are able to block a road with a MASSIVE amount of lumber. There are clearly a lot of them and they are definitely organized. They are a much bigger threat than originally thought by our group. Even the Hilltoppers who have been working for them basically since the beginning didn’t seem to have much of a clue as to the size and structure of the Saviors. They are proving to be a much bigger threat than we thought.


  1. No Resolution

no resolution in the finaleAn entire season of build up and we get let down in the finale. I was rather disappointed that they left us with the “cliffhanger” they did, which I don’t really view as a cliffhanger even. We get a first person point of view with the camera as Negan uses Lucille to kill one of the members of our group, but we have no idea who it is. I watched The Talking Dead and I heard Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman’s reasoning for leaving it where they did, but that doesn’t make me any happier about it. The only good part about leaving it like they did and them understanding that it is a huge deal that they did this, is that when the premiere comes, it’ll have to be quite amazing to justify this finale. Now we just have to wait until October to get any sort of resolution. What do you think? Will they follow the comics on this one? Or will it be somebody else when we come back to them in season 7?


  1. Negan

neganWe FINALLY get to meet Negan. The media built up his entrance as something akin to “the greatest entrance in television history.” It was great, and it had an entire season to build up to it, but I don’t think his entrance was the greatest ever. That being said, Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a hell of a job portraying Negan, if only for 10 minutes in the season finale. In those brief 10 minutes, we get a lot of hints as to who and what Negan is. He’s cruel and evil. He’s a bit charming and charismatic. He somehow manages to be both reasonable and completely unhinged at the same time. The reasonable part is that he knows he can’t kill all these people. He wants them to produce, to work for him, to scavenge and grow and build things for him. The unhinged part is that he seems to take some pleasure in watching these people suffer, watching the terror in their eyes, and of course in killing at least one of them.

While I’ve read the comics and I know that the introduction of Negan means turning up the pain meter to 11, I also know that the story that comes along with it is thrilling. It brings the show to a whole new level of intense. It opens up the world that these characters live in. Our main characters become just a piece of the puzzle in this bigger world. I believe that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will bring this character to life in the perfect way and he’ll be a divisive character in the fandom. You’ll either love to hate him or hate to love him.

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