The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5

The 100 3.14 "Red Sky at Morning" Top 5

This week, The 100 delivered a captivating episode that left me intrigued, and excited for what is to come. Sit down and read as I unpack Red Sky Morning. This episode was written by the fantastic Lauren Muir and Kira Synder. Here is my The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5.

The 100 3.14

“I fled because I knew I would win”

Until this point very little was known about Luna, other than she was clearly an ally of Lincoln’s. Personally, it was not until Luna refused to take the key and become the next commander that my interest was peaked. After watching this episode I can see why Lincoln spoke of her, they were very similar. Like Lincoln, Luna is clearly well skilled in combat, aware of her level of skill and intelligence. Despite that, she chose to leave the conclave in favour of establishing peace and a thriving community of people who are done fighting and killing. She was adamant that she did not want the life of “blood must have blood”. As a result Luna continually refuses to accept the key which, quickly becomes a problem for the delinquents on the rig.

Now that Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper have all been deported from the rig and Luna (presumably) still has the key, I’m curious to see what she does with it from here. In many ways she is still completely unpredictable, so who knows what she will do next.

The 100 3.14

“It’s not running, it’s surviving”

Everybody has been doing what they need to do for their people to survive since the beginning of the series, often with mixed results. However, this unique trio presents a unique solution. Transcending their personal vendettas and united by the desire to save their people, it can’t be denied that Indra, Murphy and Pike make a functional, dare I say good team. Right now they are all channeling their energy into working together to bring down Alie and the City of Light together, a force that could not be dominated by an individual. I am intrigued to see who their dynamic progresses as their continue to work together.

The 100 3.14

“Then I guess you’ll have to trust me”

Truly a dream team, I loved seeing Raven and Monty working together again and putting their brains to work to stop Alie. Ultimately they were thwarted when Alie shut them out, despite having worked their way through Alie’s complex system. The obvious despair they felt when they had failed was heartbreaking to watch and then watching Monty take his justified frustration out on Raven was even harder. I do hope they are able to work past it together, learn from this and work together to destroy Alie.

The 100 3.14

“I can’t”

I have said it before but one of my favourite character developments of the series has been John Murphy. When confronted with the thought of losing Emori he exposed his humanity in a very real way, he simply could not face the thought of possibly destroying her even if it was to take down Alie. The murphy we see now is certainly a far cry of the selfish Murphy we had to start. I am curious to see how his storyline will play out over the remaining two episodes.

“I haven’t felt this way in so long”

In the midst of the pain of war and death, Harper and Monty were able to find time for a moment of happiness and simply be there for each other. The tender moment they shared was all about mutual comfort, respect and understanding. a break for the anguish of war. Will it develop into something more? Who knows. The ground is an unpredictable place.

The 100 3.14

Side Notes:

  • was that Alie on the space-ring thing that used to surround Polis?
  • whilst I understand the purpose of the waterboarding scenes, they felt excessive.
  • Jasper was smiling!!
  • I loved the interactions between Luna and the children.
  • Still not a fan of Pike.
  • What’s happening to Marcus and Abby?
  • Hard to believe there are only two espies left!!

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