The 100 3.15 ‘Perverse Instantiation’ Top 5

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

The first part, of the two part The 100 Season 3 finale. Perverse Instantiation lived up to it’s title with a gritty episode that pushed boundaries. As ALIE ramped up her efforts to get her hands, or should I say, her mind on the ‘flame’. The focus was on the Delinquents as they tried their best to put a stop to her madness. Here’s my The 100 3.15 ‘Perverse Instantiation’ Top 5.  Head’s up, there are spoilers below

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

“Her friends are her weakness”

With ALIE willing to go to any length to get the flame, there was bound to be some blood. Clarke was placed in an impossible predicament by her own (chipped) mother who was forcing her to choose between her biological family and her chosen family, her friends. Recognising her mother was chipped, Clarke does ultimately decide to spare Bellamy. This brutal decision resulted in her mother attempting to manipulate Clarke for information about the flame by attempting to hang herself. This, not minutes after she had been puncturing wounds in Clarke’s skin. As the other Delinquents arrived they were able to stop the torture and Murphy was ultimately able to, in a nice parallel to Season 1. Release Clarke’s mother from her noose.

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

“She can’t give us the kill code”

After all of their hard effort to stop ALIE in here tracks it appears that it was all for nothing with Ontari pronounced brain dead. I cannot say I am particularly disappointed to see Ontari go, I was never really a fan of her character. However, her death is clearly a huge setback for the Delinquents, who are trying their hardest to stop ALIE. Now that they have no night bloods in close proximity, how are they going to take down ALIE?

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

“We need to make sure our friends are okay”

Bellamy Blake is without a doubt my favourite male character on the show, but the majority of his actions this season have left me frustrated. However, in this episode he stepped into his own, stood up to others and was there to remind Clarke of what is important. It is interesting to note that Clarke is focused on the mission and the logical steps to achieve an end goal (head). Whilst, Bellamy is interested in the safety and well being of his friends (heart).

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

“A motherboard, loaded with RAM”

Oh, creepy Jasper is so much more fun than the sad Jasper from earlier this season, and a brilliant job by Devon Bostick. To no one’s surprise, Jasper is chipped, just when we thought Monty and Jasper were on the road to reconciliation. As a result of Jasper being chipped the delinquents have to change their plans and fast, because ALIE has seen and heard everything the Delinquents are planning to take her down. This is a difficult situation for Monty, he does not need to lose anybody else at the hands of ALIE.

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

“Fancy meeting you here”

I have mentioned it many before, but John Murphy has really come full circle since the beginning of the series. He is now a mostly likeable, tolerable and slightly honourable human, which let’s be honest. Is a vast improvement from Season 1. I really enjoyed seeing Bellamy and Murphy come through for each other and truly have each others backs. This renewed camaraderie between the Delinquents is what was missing from the first half of the season.

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

Side Notes

  • “So did he, then I came home”. Raven Reyes, you wonderful mechanic genius. A complex character portrayed brilliantly by Lindsay Morgan, Raven has not had it easy since Day 1. Yet she continues to thrive.
  • Loved having Roan back, there’s a great dynamic between him and Clarke that I love to watch.
  • Octavia’s homesickness for Lincoln resonates with me. She has been an outcast her whole life and when she finally found a home, it was ripped from her. Now, she has build herself her home within her own heart.

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