The 100 3.16 ‘Perverse Instantiation – Part Two’ Top 5

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

In an epic conclusion to season 3, Perverse Instantiation – Part Two was a captivating episode full of twists and turns, and also: Grounders in trench coats. The 100 3.16 ‘Perverse Instantiation – Part Two’ Top 5. Spoilers ahead.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

“The goal isn’t everything, how you reach the goal matters too”

This season of the 100 had its ups and downs and despite my personal dislike of several plot points, I have found this season as a whole to be intriguing and engaging. It must be noted that nay ups and downs have not detracted from the quality of production and stellar performances that we have the privilege of experiencing each week, it is incredible the quality of the work and performance that we get to see. In a satisfying conclusion to the season, this episode of the 100 was surprisingly tame. With all major plot lines from the season resolved and many questions answered. The episode brought a resolution to the ALIE storyline and set us up from an intriguing new season that returns mid season next fall. Whilst the threat of a second nuclear apocalypse is still very much there, the season ended on a high note.

Becca’s words: “The goal isn’t everything, how you reach the goal matters too” felt particularly applicable to this season of The 100. A large part of The 100 is about exploring people’s choices and how they justify them and it’s been this season that so many (Lexa, Bellamy, Clarke) have all realised that the choices you make trying to reach your goal are not voided by the final result. A thought provoking lesson, one that I hope The 100 will carry with them moving forward.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

“I have to live with what I’ve done”

The harsh reality of The 100 is that there are truly no good guys. Each and every person on the ground has made a bad call, done something wrong, or cost someone their life. It is human nature, but it’s also the nature of survival, and consequently, the nature of the ground. Bellamy’s statement, “I have to live with what I’ve done” stood out to me. At first, it appeared to me that Bellamy is merely stating the obvious, everybody has to live with the consequences of their actions. However, upon further thought, I realised that the key here was that Bellamy was acknowledging his own actions (not blaming anybody else) and recognising that he played an active part in the death of so many. Whilst his actions were motivated by his good intentions, he is choosing to recognise that the consequences of his actions were disastrous, and maybe it was not the right decision, and it is not as simple as just good and bad. He accepts that there is nothing he can do to change the past, but he is choosing to learn and grow as he moves forward.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

“You don’t ease pain, you overcome it”

To me this statement encapsulates the overarching story of the original 100. Since day one on the ground they have all faced pain, loss, devastation, and grief in its many forms. The 100 has always been about survival and possibly most importantly: surviving together. Emotional pain can be hard to face and overcome, each and everyone us expresses our pain, in different ways. Some lash out, some close themselves off from the world and some internalise and hurt themselves.

Octavia has lashed out. I have struggled to reconcile with Octavia’s characterisation this season and I know many who are no longer fans of her character for a multitude of reasons. Whilst I certainly do not agree with, or support many of her actions this season, there is a part of me that can sympathise with her. When you have an unstable life and you have no physical place to call home, you find a home in the people around you, and make a home with the people you love. For Octavia, and Lincoln, they had found their home in each other. Brought together by a mutual feeling of displacement and disconnected, they had started to build a life together and for Octavia to lose her home in such a brutal way was devastating. While she is clearly still dealing with the emotional repercussions of Lincoln’s death, her actions have been erratic and unpredictable. However, I was honestly not surprised that she stabbed Pike. I am, however, concerned how she is going to move on. Her pain and grief is not going to disappear with Pike’s death, she is still going to be affected by Lincoln’s death. She is also undoubtedly going to be affected by her choices in response to Lincoln’s death. However, like Bellamy she now has to stop blaming other people, and come to terms with her actions. I sincerely hope she will be able to learn and grow from her choices. I also hope she is able to find a home within herself, learn from Lincoln’s legacy and start living a life that not only herself, but Lincoln would be proud of and overcome her pain.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

“This world can suck, but at least it’s real”

The moment Clarke pulled the kill switch was incredibly powerful to watch. The sheer despair and pain on the faces of those who had been chipped when they realised all they had done under ALIE’s influence was heart wrenching to watch. The impact of these emotions was only amplified by the moving score composed artfully by Tree Adams. The horror on Kane’s face was particularly indicative of the pain they were all experiencing as they “came to” from the chip. Whilst they no longer live in a utopian place free from pain. They can feel again, they can feel joy, sadness, anger and love. They can emote. Yes, this world they live in may suck, and they may be facing a second nuclear apocalypse but at least it is real. No doubt we will see the emotional fallout next season, and those who were chipped coming to terms with their actions. That, I am looking forward to.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

“We’ll figure something out, we always do”

I was pleasantly surprised to see this season end with relatively little bloodshed, my favourite characters surviving and on a calmer note. There is, however, the problem of an imminent second nuclear apocalypse in 6 months. But, Like Clarke said, they’ll figure something out. Needless to say, I’m excited for Season 4.

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

Side notes

  • Is there going to be a new commander of the Grounders? How is that going to work now?
  • Raven Reyes you wonderful technical genius. Also, SHE WAS SMILING!
  • I did love seeing Lexa return with all of her bad assery and to be able to share a precious moment with Clarke.
  • Abby comforting Kane made me tear up a little, but the sheer pain on Kane’s face when he realised what he had done and what he had just been doing to Bellamy broke me.
  • Jasper and Monty, smiling and hugging again!
  • John Murphy, you wonderful sarcastic grumpy human being, the look on his face when Clarke said she was taking the chip was priceless. Also thank you for keeping that heart pumping.
  • Clarke’s recognition that it was not just her saving the world was important to me, it’s always been all of them working together.
  • Personally, I believe that the show has always been at its strongest when focused on the original 100 (yes, I am including Raven in this). Whilst there is a large array of of intriguing characters who add depth and bring different perspectives, it can quickly become districting and retract from the core of the show. I hope next season we’ll be able to have more of a focus on the original 100 again.

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