Agents of SHIELD Finale 3.21 and 3.22 Top 7

Agents of SHIELD wasted none of their 2-hour fin ale! We hit the ground running and it just kept getting more and more intense! We finally know who the Fallen Agent was. We know what happens to Hive. “Absolution” and “Ascension” answered many of the questions and storylines that have been building throughout the whole season, we got our answers. It also left the door open for a peak at next season’s possible plot line. It was an incredibly fast-paced and intensely emotional ending to a spectacular season. Here are my top 7 moments from “Absolution” and “Ascension.”

7. Coulson’s Star Wars reference

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.59.38 PM

There’s not much to say about this one. It was just hilarious and perfect. The episode has been building. It’s Coulson vs. Hive in an epic and tense moment. Hive is ready to kill Coulson, take over his body and memories, and use that to fool the rest of SHIELD into helping him succeed. Then we learn that Coulson isn’t really there, it’s just a hologram, and he uses the tense moment to make a reference to one of Star Wars’ most well-known lines; “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!”



6. Mack gets his shotgun ax again!Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.58.33 PM

In an intense moment, with SHIELD’s chances seeming slim, Mack takes out a great shotgun ax that he has created and gets to work on taking down some of the Primitives to help turn the tides of the fight.



5. Parting Shot

The last few minutes of the two-hour finale really gave us a lot of information. We learn that Dr. Radcliffe has been cleared after many hearings. We learn that he and FitzSimmons grew close somewhere along the line and Radcliffe was hoping that Fitz in particular would be there that day to help him celebrate. He wanted to include Fitz in his new project, but Fitz is busy planning something special for Jemma (proposal?!?!). As Dr. Radcliffe is talking and interacting with some form of Jarvis-like AI, he says “it’s your birthday,” as we see some form of AI robot backlit in a closet. It’s obscured by a translucent pane of glass. I have a feeling that this is our tiny little glimpse of next season’s plot line.

4. Daisy Forgiven

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.59.08 PMDaisy has done some pretty terrible things while she’s been under Hive’s sway. She ruined a lot of the base. She nearly killed Mack. She provided the Kree blood needed for Dr. Radcliffe’s experiment to succeed. Despite all of this, it seems that our Agents all understand what Daisy was going through, that she wasn’t thinking clearly, that she wasn’t really herself through any of this, and they all forgive her.

There was an amazing moment between her and Mack. While the rest of the agents stayed in the containment cell while they talked with and checked on Daisy, Mack opens it up and actually goes to her to keep her informed; to tell her that they had gotten Hive into a gel matrix container. He tells her that he forgives her, even if she would have killed him if she hasn’t been stopped by other agents. When Mack steps forward to give her a hug, Daisy has so much guilt weighing on her shoulders that she doesn’t think that she deserves that forgiveness. She tries and tries to push Mack away, desperate to feel her guilt and pain…and finally, she gives in. They share an embrace and it’s beautiful. Daisy breaks down and cries and says to Mack, “I don’t deserve this.”

Later on, Daisy and Lincoln have more amazing moments. When he’s finally face to face with Daisy on the Zephyr, he’s injured. When discussing the topic of them being together, what all of this meant for their relationship, Lincoln says that he understands. He compares Daisy’s “addiction” to Hive to his addiction to her. It’s adorable and heartbreaking.

3. Daisy gone rogue

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.58.46 PMAfter all is said and done, we fast-forward 6 months. There are newspapers posted on Quake…if she’s a hero or a villain, that she has done damage to multiple locations. Coulson is posted, looking out the window with binoculars, waiting for a sighting of Daisy.

We see Daisy dressed up, not like herself. She meets with Charles’ wife, Polly and their child, Robin. She gives the kid the robin that Charles made, inspired by her. We learn that Daisy was able to get Polly and Robin some money and relocate them to help them out. She is taking care of them, just as she promised Charles.

However, Daisy’s clearly gone off the rails a bit. She isn’t with SHIELD. She’s hiding from them and sneaking around. When SHIELD seems to have her a little bit corner, she conjures her powers and manages to leap a tall building (or parking ramp) in a single bound, getting away from Coulson and SHIELD.

Why has is she hiding from SHIELD? Was the guilt that she felt too much to bear? Did the pain from losing Lincoln consume her?

**One other bit of information we learn here in a real quick line from Coulson…Coulson is no longer the director of SHIELD. So….who is? And why?

2. Hive defeated

After a long battle with Hive and his powers, it’s finally over. Hive wasn’t just relocated so as not to be a threat to humans again. No, this time….he is death. SHIELD and its amazing agents came together and got it done. They launch Hive up in the Quinjet with the warhead into space, outside of Earth’s atmosphere. The toxin won’t be able to affect anybody on Earth. And while Hive is technically a collection of nano-organisms, I think that we can say that exploding in outer space with a warhead is enough to scatter those organisms far and wide with no hope of them rejoining. Even Hive himself have admitted that this was going to kill him. I think it’s safe to say that Hive is no more and no longer a threat.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.57.56 PM

1. Lincoln has fallen

We finally learn who the fallen agent is, Lincoln…and he’s not technically an agent yet, and probably wasn’t going to be. The build-up leading to Lincoln’s death was intense and cruel on so many levels. I really enjoyed Lincoln. I was loving them giving Lincoln some actual storyline and character. And then they just took it all away.

Lincoln went out as a hero. He went out at peace with himself and what he was dying for. Daisy loses it. She says that Lincoln is paying for her mistakes. Coulson says he’s paying for all of their mistakes. Lincoln and Daisy get just a couple of minutes to say their goodbyes. Lincoln is very okay with what is happening, with sacrificing himself to save her and to save the world. In the midst of the chaos, they tell each other that they love each other…only to realize that it’s the first time they’ve said it. Then Lincoln is too far out of the atmosphere, and they lose connection.

In a great and strangely profound scene, we get to see Lincoln and Hive’s last moments of life together. Lincoln says that he finally got to see the world. Hive says he only wanted to make it better, feel a connection. He realizes that Lincoln has already felt that connection, as he is sacrificing his life for Daisy, for his friends and those he loves, to save the rest of humanity. Both seem to be at peace with life and with death in that moment. And then we see the silent explosion, as all of our agents watch helplessly as they lose another colleague and friend.

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