Agents of SHIELD 3.18 “The Singularity” Top 5

The stakes continue to be raised on Agents of SHIELD as we are getting closer to the finale. “The Singularity” gives us a glimpse at Hive and his Inhuman collection. It shows us Coulson’s biases on the team. It gives us some heartbreak as Hive uses memories of Will to get to Simmons, and also warms our hearts as FitzSimmons continues being adorable. It gives us some laughs as Fitz and Mack banter back and forth, and some gasps as Daisy and Hive bust in on the SHIELD agents mission. The last couple of episodes of Agents of SHIELD will be hard to top, and “The Singularity” stays on pace with those great episodes. Here are my top 5 moments from “The Singularity.”

5. Coulson’s love of Daisy

Throughout the series, we’ve seen how different Coulson and Daisy’s relationship is compared with any other relationship on the show. Daisy has always gotten special treatment, she’s always gotten more leeway than anyone else, she can pretty say whatever she wants to Coulson or anyone and get away with it in Coulson’s eyes.

murder vest
Coulson asking Lincoln to wear the murder vest

In stark contrast is how he treats Lincoln. When Lincoln is going to go out into the field, Coulson makes him wear a vest that is rigged with explosive; in case he gets infected. “We can’t take any chances.” So, if Lincoln gets infected, Coulson will blow him to smithereens. But Daisy is infected and he is willing to risk the lives of many team members to get her back.


May stands up to Coulson and calls out the double standard. Later in the episode, Coulson finally admits to his fatherly feelings towards Daisy; telling May “She’s the closest thing I have to a daughter.”

4. Hydra’s Infrastructure

Hydra's Infrastructure

In what should be a spectacular and triumphant moment for SHIELD, the ATCU coordinates an attack and takes down all of Hydra’s infrastructure. It’s a huge step towards taking down Hydra for good, but with the threat of Hive and the Inhumans, they can’t muster up the time or energy for a celebration.

It was seemingly an insignificant moment in this week’s episode, but what will this mean for the future of Hydra? For SHIELD and the ATCU?

3. Hive’s Inhuman collection

We get to see in this episode a little bit of the relationship that Hive creates when he infects the Inhumans. To me, it’s a little bit unclear exactly what that is, but it isn’t straight up mind control or brain washing. It seems to me that the infection “fills the void” that the Inhumans have felt their whole lives, which causes them to be happy and loyal to who gave them the feeling of “completeness,” which of course is Hive.

Hive and Daisy find James once again. This time they have brought with them some terrigen to activate his Inhuman powers, which is apparently the ability to make things combust. A bit of a dangerous power for Hive to have “control” of.

Lincoln and Coulson go to find Alicia, an Inhuman that they have run into before. It turns out that they are too late. She is already under the control of Hive.

So far on his mission, Hive has collected Giyera, Daisy, James, and Alicia. Will he get to Joey, Elena, or Lincoln? With a whole bunch more terrigen, will he be able to find and create even more Inhumans?

2. Kree experiment

In the final shots of the episode, we see Hive walking down a street in some sort of abandoned town with his crew of Inhumans, along with Doctor Radcliffe. Dr. Radcliffe is a doctor that has been engaging in changing and “upgrading” humans, including himself. We find out that he has replaced his eyes with synthetic prosthetics that are modeled after the eyes of birds, which are superior to humans eyes.

Hive then tells the doctor and the other Inhumans that he has purchased the whole town that they are walking through, presumably with Malick’s fortune. Hive asks the doctor to being an experiment, a Kree experiment that was done many years ago, which created Hive.

Kree technology
Partner of the Kree orb

With the mysterious Kree orb, its partner that was buried under James’ house, a bunch of terrigen, a whole town, Malick’s fortune, a bunch of Inhumans, and a doctor obsessed with upgrading people at his disposal, Hive is set up to cause some serious problems for SHIELD and for Earth quite soon.


1. FitzSimmons!

The Singularity

Last week they shared an adorable moment and a kiss, but were so rudely interrupted by Daisy taking down SHIELD’s base. This week, after the mission and a little bit more talking, they finally did it. After three seasons, after 10 years of knowing each other, they finally took the big step and hooked it! In typical FitzSimmons fashion, it was adorable. In a world full of chaos and danger, they manage to make us all smile and believe that even in the darkest times, love can be found.

Honorable mention….The Director of SHIELD having a shield. Brilliant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.13.15 AM

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