Agents of SHIELD 3.19 “Failed Experiments” Top 5

“Failed Experiments” brought us a little bit of a history lesson of the Kree Reapers, Hive, and the Inhumans. It brought SHIELD against Hive and his henchmen. We got to see some….visitors. There’s now only 2 episodes left in the season; one that will probably tie in with Captain America: Civil War, and then a 2-hour finale. “Failed Experiments” certainly set up the pieces for quite an epic ending to a season and left us desperate for answers to all the questions with which it left us. Will Hive’s Kree experiment succeed? What does this mean for Daisy? How will SHIELD defeat the powerhouse that is Hive? Here are my top 5 moments from “Failed Experiments.”

5. Lincoln’s struggle

Lincoln Explosion

Last week, Lincoln had to have a murder vest strapped on while on a mission. Then he was “grounded,” and had to remain in the base. This week, May tells him to stop trying to help and then Coulson won’t let him test a possible antitoxin that FitzSimmons have developed to try to “cure” the Hive infection, which requires Inhuman tissue.


All of this leaves him struggling to find a way to help. He loves Daisy; he would do anything to find her and help her and bring her back. No one will let him. While FitzSimmons is away from the lab for only a few minutes it seems, Lincoln takes the opportunity to grab a syringe and inject himself. It seems to surge his electrical powers, which shuts down power throughout the base for a moment. It fries some of the SHIELD computers and servers. The injection crushes his immune system. Simmons has to get a tissue sample from his brain. He’s quarantined away with essentially no immune system left. And at the end of the episode, Simmons tells him that the antitoxin that they have developed doesn’t work.

The outlook for Lincoln right now looks a bit bleak. There’s no way that he can help with no immune system. Nearly any germ or bacteria or virus could kill him. He’s not only locked in the SHIELD base, he’s locked away in his quarantined room.

4. Kree Reapers (Kree-pers?)

Kree Reaper

The beginning of the episode shows us the history of Hive. Thousands of years ago, Kree Reapers used Kree blood to transform his DNA and turned him into a meta-human. These Kree Reapers ejected him from the planet, banished him to the alien planet which he was brought back from when they realized that he had such a deep connection with the other Inhumans that they had created.

When called back to the planet to harvest their blood, the Kree Reapers call Hive a failed experiment and try to kill him.

We also learn that at the same time that Hive was created, the Kree Reapers used Kree blood to transform the DNA of many other humans. They created many more Inhumans back then. These are the ancestors of today’s Inhumans, the ones that are transformed by the terrigen and not disintegrated by contact with it.

3. Dr. Radcliffe’s plan

Dr. Radcliffe

In Hive Town, we learn of Dr. Radcliffe’s plans. In one injection, he plans to change the DNA of humans and inject them with some terrigen. In one easy step, they will be able to create Inhumans. Hive offers up the loyal Hydra people to be the first to have the “honor” of becoming Inhuman.

This requires Kree blood. Hive offers up his own for the plan. However, when Dr. Radcliffe injects the three Hydra members, they scream in terrible agony and melt away. It turns out that Hive’s blood will not work as the host that it is currently inhabiting is technically dead. Hive calls the Kree Reapers to Earth to try to get their blood, but SHIELD messes up that plan. Finally, we are reminded that Daisy has Kree blood in her from being brought back to life in a previous episode (way back to Season 1, episode 14, T.A.H.I.T.I.).

With active Kree blood from Daisy’s veins, Dr. Radcliffe’s, and ultimately Hive’s, plan could very well succeed. This spells major trouble for Daisy and for our SHIELD team.

2. Daisy has turned

Daisy and her Kree blood

I think many of us, and definitely some of the SHIELD team were holding on to a tiny little shred of hope that there was still some of the old Daisy left; that she wanted to be found, she wanted to be saved, that she hadn’t turned completely loyal to Hive. Any hope of that was smashed in this episode. With Mack coming to Hive Town and finding Daisy, they come to an impasse, neither willing to concede their side. Daisy attacks him. She knocks him down. She would have killed Mack and ripped out his heart, had other SHIELD members not found them and shot Daisy to stop her.

At the end of the episode, we know that Hive’s blood will not work for the experiment. The two Kree Reapers are gone. There is no Kree blood….except flowing through Daisy’s veins. With her loyalty to Hive coming into question, she offers herself, her blood up for the experiment. Telling Hive and the doctor, “Drain me.”

Is she too far gone to be saved?

1. Hive Indestructible

Indestructible Hive

It was said before that the Kree Reapers were the only thing that could kill Hive. The two that were apparently in orbit have been killed (they certainly weren’t very great hunters or fighters). Last episode Simmons shot Hive in the stomach a few times. This episode, Hive got a couple of clips unloaded into him, along with a massive fireball from some crazy SHIELD tech weapon. Right before our eyes, we see that Hive’s body repaired the damage that was done. In just a few seconds, he was left unharmed by the weapons the SHIELD agents had.

At this point, it seems like Hive really is indestructible. With the healing regeneration that we witnessed in this episode, what can SHIELD do to kill Hive? What weapons are powerful enough? Can FitzSimmons develop some new tech? Maybe something to alter his DNA again? The standard weapons wielded by SHIELD won’t work against Hive.

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