Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5

With strong parallels to late Season 2, this week Arrow delivered a strong episode with an intriguing Shaman, a dilemma for Diggle and a complex mission for the team of Arrow. Here is my Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5.

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5Focus on the light
I have never been fan of magic or superpowers (as a regular occurrence), on Arrow. Primarily because I have found it subtracts from the natural tone of the show. To me Arrow always been so gritty and grounded in reality that having supernatural elements feels out of place when it is so frequent, and has always resulted in an unbalanced episode.

This episode featured Esrin Fortuna, an immortal Shaman that John Constant called to educate Oliver and Felicity on the Darhk Arts (I am sorry, it had to be done). The quick witted, smooth and entertaining Fortuna (who is definitely my favourite guest star of the season) detailed that Darhk’s powers grow stronger each time he takes a life. Fortuna went on to highlight that there are two sides to Oliver, darkness and light, and that he needed to focus on the light to defeat the dark (in this case Darhk). This theme (darkness and light) has been a consistent presence on the show since Arrow began. It has been a slow process to get to here. However, Oliver is slowly realising he needs to fight in, and with the light to defeat the darkness.

Magic, aside. This episode had many parallels to Season 2 that I loved. Season 2 was arguably, Arrow’s strongest season overall and I’m very happy to see Arrow returning to its core tone.

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5Genesis
To be honest I have found the Damian Darhk story line to be extremely hard to follow. It’s been all over the place and to my increasing frustration I have not been able to follow any consistent progression throughout the season. As a viewer it feels like many things have just happened without any real development or context (sure they have been vague illusions but there has never been any real context). For example, I knew that Damian had a weird corn crop but now all of a sudden he has this hidden utopian hive complete with a creepy soundtrack.

Thea is the one stuck in said utopia. After deciding to spend the weekend with Alex, her political operative boyfriend who is now a puppet for the Darhk’s bidding. Thea finds herself in Perfectionville where everything seems flawless. However, her keenly trained sense quickly picks up that something is wrong. Thea has had remarkable character development since her drunk shenanigans of Season 1. Well done to her for being so observant of her surroundings and trusting her gut. The question remains, is she going to escape? If so, how?

The whole idea of Genesis definitely has parallels to the story’s recounted in the book of Genesis in the Bible. However, Darhk’s vision of starting over appears to be nuclear annihilation. Let’s see how Team Arrow can save the day.

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5
Oh Diggle. In this week’s episode, it was Diggle vs Diggle as John and Andy went head to head. After placing his trust in Andy which ultimately resulted in the Laurel’s demise. John is overridden with guilt and the desire to avenge the Laurel’s death. From my perspective his decision to pull the trigger on his brother is going to lead him down a dark path. How is he, after being the “more advanced Oliver” for so long going to cope. Lyla made a valid point, Diggle was/is regressing and certainly was acting like the man she divorced. So, how is Diggle going to overcome this?

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5Lyla
Typically, the episode’s featuring Lyla usually turn out to be some of my favourites and this episode was no exception. I would not be opposed to a whole episode of Lyla kicking everyone’s butts, seriously. First, she put everyone to shame with her level headed thinking and determination to defeat Dark, and second she stored Rubicon under her own skin and kept running Argus. Third, she was there for John but also did not tolerate any of his nonsense and fourth, she was looking after the Digglet, the adorable baby Sara as well. She is one bad-ass women. Also, can we see Lyla and Felicity bonding please.

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5“Don’t talk to me like I’m other people”
Since the baby mama kerfuffle Oliver and Felicity’s relationship has been tense. Whilst I’m still unhappy with the way the baby mama story line was handled, Oliver and Felicity both needed the opportunity to grow individually and work through their respective issues. In this episode,we were able to see some of the process that they have made. Oliver is slowly recognizing that to defeat the proverbial darkness he doesn’t need to become it, he needs to overcome it and fight in the light. Oliver is also very slowly recognizing that he is worth fighting for. With the slow progress, Felicity and Oliver and working together again, supporting each other, not taking each others crap and working to repair their relationship. I am here for the slow burn so I am interested in seeing them build their trust in each other again before embarking on any sort of romantic relationship.

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5
Side Note:

  • Felicity’s face when John handed her Sara was priceless
  • Baby Sara, absolutely adorable.
  • Esrin Fortuna, now ranked as one of my favorite guest stars, absolutely loved her.
  • It felt like my favorite show was back.
  • Oliver and Felicity in black tie, hello.
  • Felicity gambling was hilarious.
  • In his “rage” he recognized they needed to regroup and take a breather, this is huge progress for Oliver.

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