When Fandom Attacks: Hydra Cap

Earlier this week, Captain America #1 was released, and the internet subsequently exploded in a rage.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of the people who was furious.  When it comes to Marvel, Captain America is easily in my top 3 heroes.  I love what he stands for, both in the comics and the MCU.  How dare they make him utter those words!? I don’t even like it when people I know say it jokingly!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!? 160525115909-captain-america-hail-hydra-780x439

I was furious, you guys.  Disgusted.  Literally sick to my stomach.  You know what though?  Instead of acting out of knee jerk emotion, I waited a bit and I processed.  I brought in some good old fashioned comic book logic, let myself breath for a minute, calmed down a bit, and then got disgusted in a whole new way.

That disgust wasn’t because the creators were defending it, or because I thought Jack Kirby was rolling over in his grave. It was because of the fans.  My god, you guys, it was like a large portion of Geek Humanity suddenly de-evolved into Neanderthals.  Nick Spencer was getting death threats.  Death. Threats.  Are you for real right now?  Let’s take a look at some things–

  • It is never right to threaten a creator over a story, or tell them they should die over it.
  • It’s never right to threaten someone who supports a story, or tell them they should die over it. Or their cats. If you threaten someone’s animal there’s a special spot in hell for you.
  • Let’s assume for a second that we’re sticking with the MCU Hydra (solely Nazis, and nothing else), let a creator finish their story before going crazy sauce.  Remember when Kirby really did make (a mind controlled) Cap a Nazi?  How about when Superman was a Communist?
  • Stan Lee, who probably knows more about the story than you do, had this to say on the matter.  Did I mention that he’s Jewish?  Oh… and James Gunn, who is also waiting to see where this goes before losing his mind?  Part Jewish.
  • On that same note– YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY’RE GOING WITH THE STORY.  Have they come out and said that it’s not a clone, mind control, or any other such thing? Yes. Do things like the Cosmic Cube, that can literally alter reality as we know it, still exist in the universe? YES.
  • It didn’t ruin your childhood. Your childhood ruined your childhood. Stop this argument immediately.
  • All of the folks who are guilty of the above things?  Think about how disappointed Steve Rogers would be in all of you.  You’re so up in arms about the sanctity of the character?  Maybe take a second and think about what he would do, and do that, instead of putting him to shame like you claim they have.

A little bit of rage and the upset are not only okay, they’re good.  It means that Captain America means something to you.  Trust me, I’m upset too.  What’s not okay is how quick fans are willing to jump on the hate bandwagon.  I get the anti-Semitic fears, because that’s still a very real thing that still very much needs to be stopped. However, until we finish out the story-line, I think we all need to take a breath.  Captain America isn’t Hydra, and he certainly isn’t a Nazi.  Not only does the Cosmic Cube exist, but it’s a comic book world!  There are plenty of other explanations as to what is going on.

Cap’s ‘turn’ to Hydra hasn’t made me want to utter ‘Hail Hydra’, but the behavior of the people who claim to be fighting for ‘justice’ for the character are sure as hell getting me close.

You do you, Internet, but Marvel’s earned my trust until they finish this out.  I believe in them.  More importantly– I believe in Steve Rogers.


Amelia Emberwing

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