Fandom of the Month Box Review: May

Once again for those who don’t know, Fandom of the Month Box is a monthly subscription box that runs $13.00/month (before shipping costs) and sends you a box of jewelry and trinkets themed along one “fandom”. I have subscribed to a 3 month subscription which comes to about $47 with shipping, and honestly it has been worth every penny. I wanted to provide a review of the box in order to provide more information for those considering a box subscription, and really to show you how awesome this box is.



May’s Fandom of the Month box theme was BBC’s Sherlock. I found this amusing, because much like last month’s Narnia fandom, it is one my sister subscribes to far more than myself. I have never found myself incredibly attracted to Sherlock, though I appreciate hit wit and dry humor. I adore both Cumberbatch and Freeman as well, so I really can’t explain why it isn’t my cup of tea, but maybe I should give it another shot. As with last month, the box was beautifully packaged and included a small fandom of the month card with their social media information, as well as their signature magnet and canvas bag duo, a necklace, earrings, and a headband.



As I am not a fan of the show, I don’t really understand the significance of the smiley face on Victorian wallpaper, but I did immediately recognize it as an icon of the show. As far as the headband goes, it is made from sweat wicking materials and is SUPER comfy. The smiley face is printed on and it does concern me that it may degrade quickly with frequent wear, but overall it’s a very cute accessory for those who are Sherlocked. It would probably be fantastic to geek rep at the gym or on a run.






Next up we have the necklace which sports a signature Sherlock quote, his hat, and a pipe. Even without being a fan of the show, I really love this quote as it perfectly showcases the snark that Sherlock is so loved for. “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.” This quote has sparked some debate in the Sherlock fandom as to whether or not Sherlock is truly a sociopath, but I can’t delve into that further without the proper background information. As for the necklace, it is sturdy and not too heavy considering the amount of jewelry on it.






The final item is a set of Sherlock and Watson side profiles. They are very light and comfortable in spite of their size, and I think a side profile was the perfect choice considering the setting of the show. I was able to pick up on the signature curls of Benedict’s character, so the level of detail on these bad boys is actually quite impressive.



Overall, even without being a fan, I was quite pleased with this month’s fandom box. I will probably be re-gifting these items to someone who will enjoy them even more than I would. I am completely sold on this box and will continue buying it for many months to come. If you enjoy jewelry and geekery, I highly recommend Fandom of the Month box to you. I cannot imagine being disappointed in it. Even my boyfriend is enjoying the minimalist magnets that come in each box, so there is truly something for everyone to be found here.





Shannon Bee

Shannon's geekiness began at an early age, growing up surrounded by Star Wars and Star Trek, and an obsession over Batman which continues to this day. She has delved into nearly every type of geekdom, including LARPs, gaming of both the video and board types, books, television, movies, and comic books. Sassiness and feminism abound in her musings, but she always seeks first to bring a smile to other's faces.

Shannon has a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies from the University of Northern Colorado, where she composed her award winning and nationally presented senior thesis titled "Behind the Shield and Under the Sheets: Sex and Sexuality in a Live Action Role Playing Game"
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