The Flash 2.22 “Invincible” Top 5

Katie Cassidy as Black Siren (The CW)

Following his sojourn in the Speed Force, Barry (Grant Gustin) is back in action against Zoom (Teddy Sears) and his army of Earth-2 metas. Zoom’s chief lieutenant is Black Siren, who is none other than the doppelganger of Arrow‘s recently deceased Black Canary, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). With his powers back, Barry is confident he can prevail – too confident, his team believes. Can the team defeat Zoom and his minions, or will Barry’s overconfidence be his undoing? Here’s my Top 5 look at The Flash episode 2.22, “Invincible”.

#5: Black Siren

Katie Cassidy as Black Siren (The CW)
Katie Cassidy as Black Siren (The CW)
Earth-2’s version of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is a meta, with similar powers to those Earth-1’s Black Canary had from a S.T.A.R. Labs-built sonic amplifier. However, Black Siren’s meta-powered voice is so powerful, it can literally level buildings. Her first target is Mercury Labs, and Barry only barely saves the lab’s founder, Dr. Christina McGee (Amanda Pays). Black Siren takes out two more buildings in town before the team finally hatches a plan to shut down all Earth-2 villains at once.
Katie Cassidy as Black Siren, Carlos Valdes as "Reverb", and Danielle Panabaker as "Killer Frost" (The CW)
Katie Cassidy as Black Siren, Carlos Valdes as “Reverb”, and Danielle Panabaker as “Killer Frost” (The CW)
This only barely happens in time to keep Siren from killing Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlyn (Danielle Panabaker) as they masquerade as their (dead) Earth-2 counterparts, Reverb and Killer Frost, however. The two took up the subterfuge to buy Barry time, and Cisco even manages to blast some vibrational energy, like Reverb was able to do, as a fear response. If it weren’t for very lucky timing however, Barry’s two best friends might well have met their untimely end.

What’s interesting is that Katie Cassidy’s often-frosty demeanor, which really kept her from becoming a fan favorite on Arrow, really works well for a villain. She doesn’t have to do much to alter this Laurel from her Earth-1 counterpart. Black Siren is easily the most compelling bad guy, aside from Zoom, that we’ve had for several weeks.

#4: The Flash’s Rescue of Dr. McGee

As I mentioned above, Barry only barely saves Dr. McGee from the Mercury Labs collapse, and that sequence is easily the coolest action shot of the season, as Barry leaps among pieces of debris as they fall to reach McGee and get her to the ground safely. We’ve seen that sort of mind-bending bullet-time effect before on the show (especially in last season’s finale, “Fast Enough”), but this was really well done, with lots of perspective-warping changes in angle. The CGI work on this sequence was terrific.

#3: Barry Needs a Reality Check (Wally, too)

Grant Gustin as The Flash and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West (The CW)
Grant Gustin as The Flash and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West (The CW)
Since the Speed Force told Barry he was its champion last episode, Barry is confident that he can’t ultimately lose against Zoom. The rest of the team is very worried that Barry is overconfident, and that he isn’t being careful enough to protect himself or them. The whole episode, Barry acts like he is invincible. He’s not the only one, either. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), determined to be a hero like his benefactor, starts taking dangerous risks. It only makes both of them more overconfident when Wally lucks into a situation where he is able to save The Flash. Barry is convinced that this is a sign that the Speed Force is looking out for him, and Wally takes it as a sign that he can be of help in the fight. Nothing either of their fathers, Henry (John Wesley Shipp) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) say to them makes a dent in their determination to put themselves at risk.

#2: Taking Out Zoom’s Whole Army in One Shot

Taking advantage of Barry’s ability to move faster than sound, Cisco and Wells (Tom Cavanagh) come up with a pretty nifty plan to knock out everyone from Earth-2 all in one shot, by having Barry run around the city fast enough to create a sonic barrier that can reflect back the sound waves from a device that interferes with Earth-2 natives’ natural vibrational frequency (yeah, the plan’s a little heavy on the techno-babble). The plan works, in the nick of time to keep Cisco and Caitlyn from meeting their end at the hands of Black Siren. Unfortunately, Zoom is able to open a portal and escape back to Earth-2 just in time to avoid passing out and being captured with his minions. Nonetheless, The Flash is able to round up every single one of Earth-2’s imported bad guys, and deny Zoom his army.

#1: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yeah, I’m not apologizing for that many exclamation points. You’ll see why.)

Zoom has it in his twisted head that he and Barry are the same: both shaped by the deaths of their mothers at a young age, and both growing up without their fathers. For some twisted reason, now, Zoom has decided that he needs to toughen Barry up, make him a psychopath, too. When they drive Zoom back to Earth-2 and capture his army, the team, especially Barry, lets their guard down. The family has all gathered to celebrate Henry’s permanent return to Central City, and it even looks for a brief moment like Henry and Dr. McGee might be on the verge of something together, with some cute flirting going on. But Zoom’s absence is short-lived, as he disrupts the proceedings to kidnap Henry, outing Barry as The Flash to Wally in the process. (Literally everyone else in the room, Dr. McGee included, already knows Barry’s identity.) He races Barry to the Allens’ old home, where Barry’s mother was killed 15 years ago by the Reverse Flash, and continues to insist that he and Barry are the same. He says he will show Barry what it’s like to watch your parent be murdered in front of you, and then he kills Henry. Barry fought for 15 years to get his father cleared of his mother’s murder and released from prison, and now he loses him forever. That will put a big dent in one’s feeling of invincibility.

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