Gotham 2.20 “Unleashed” Top 5

Things on Gotham are winding up this week as the show readies itself for the season finale, just a few short episodes away. An ensemble performance this week to be sure, all of out favorite characters are back and falling into place for what is sure to be an intense finale. While “Unleashed” may have had a few rough patches, the episode overall was phenomenal with witty dialogue, quick moving plot points, and an explosive final scene that left everyone cheering. Here are my top 5 moments from “Unleashed.”


5. Prison Break

Whether it’s breaking in or breaking out, prison breaks are usually pretty exciting. Luckily for us, this week’s prison break had one of the best meet-cutes ever. Watching “forensics guy” and “street-trash girl” bump into each other was fantastic. Stellar acting and excellent writing made this exchange fun to follow as we held our breath and hoped that Nygma would escape and that Selena wouldn’t get caught. Things haven’t really turned out well on wither of those fronts, but fingers crossed that they both make progress (and survive) next week.


4. Firefly Reunion

We’ve seen a lot of bad guys go into Indian Hill this season, but none have really come out as the maniacal super-monsters we were expecting. Not successfully, anyway. Selena’s encounter with Firefly not only shows us what became of the short-lived story arc, but also gives some insight into what Strange has been doing with some of his experiments. Let’s hope Firefly manages to last more than one episode, because so far she’s looking pretty awesome.


3. Killer Croc


If you’ve read any of my Gotham reviews, you know that I’m a huge fan of the villainous Easter eggs that the writers throw in for fans of the comic books and animated series. This week, fans got a glimpse at what might be one of the fan-favorites of the Batman rogues gallery. No confirmation for sure whether or not it really was Croc, or even if he’ll be anything more than a short glimpse. Fingers crossed that we’ll see him again.


2. Penguin’s Return

This season, The Penguin has been a little too Oswald Cobblepot-esque to really feel like a developing character. If anything, it felt like the writers have been using him to develop other characters. Luckily, if any character was truly unleashed this week, it was Penguin. Back to his old sassy self, Penguin lead the cast this week in best dialogue and standout moments. If his reunion with Butch (and subsequent analysis of Azrael’s leather choices) wasn’t enough for you, hopefully his final faceoff with Azrael made you cheer.


1. The End of Azrael

Unleashed started out with Azrael on an upswing; stabbing, murdering, and questing were all checked off of his bucket list. He even managed to add Galavan’s old vendetta against Bruce Wayne to the list, which seemed like it could carry on until the finale. Unfortunately, all of the build fell a little flat when Azrael failed to survive even this one epiode. I was a little sad to see Azrael’s arc end so quickly, after so much buildup and teasing it felt very rushed. But if he had to go out, it’s best to go out in a literal bang- especially when it propels one of Gotham’s long-standing antagonists back to the top, where he belongs. While the entire Azrael arc didn’t do it for me, the final scene between Azrael, Butch, and Penguin definitely managed to be the best of the night.

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